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  • Financial megapixels HD monitor selection highlights

         This year, the lens in the lens market demand and higher demand for higher pixel density transmittance constantly stimulated, shot a gradual transition from megapixels to 2 million, 3 million or even 5 million pixel high-definition megapixels camera has been unstoppable .
         Judging from the major manufacturers, HD megapixels camera has gradually begun to spread, high-definition camera market share in recent years has accelerated the trend, user feedback is also quite good. In the next 3-5 years, one million high-definition surveillance camera will have an ideal market reaction.
         What is one million HD surveillance camera?
         Traditional analog camera is unable to meet the needs of high-definition image acquisition, development has become the mainstream of today´s high-definition video surveillance. To achieve high-definition video surveillance, inseparable from HD cameras, so megapixels HD network camera products emerged.
         Megapixels IP camera emergence of HD monitoring solution for the realization of the foundation, then what is the megapixels HD camera it?
         Megapixels HD camera, refers to the transmission of high-definition IP-based network cameras. HD IP camera with a general introduction constitutes an example, in order from front to back, including the lens, IR cut filter, the image sensor, clock synchronization and image processing coding compression motherboard, power supply and I / O network interface board.
         In all the constituent parts, the most critical is the image sensor indicator good or not directly affect the HD IP camera picture effect. Currently on the market most of the HD IP camera are used as CMOS sensor, but compared with the CCD sensor, and its application in the HD IP camera has an advantage.
         Three technical support for HD one million
         Megapixels camera with respect to the normal lens, both aspects of optical design, or lens materials, processing technology, assembly technology, detection means, such as demanding. Achieve HD megapixels camera technology is inseparable from ED, ASP aspheric technology, IRCoating multilayer coating technology support.
         ED ED lens to restore the image "nature"
         Because between visible light (red, blue, green) different colors of different wavelengths through the optical lens refractive index is different, can not be brought together in the same plane position, especially in the long focal length of the telescope head, the wavelength of varying lengths. Red, blue likely to cause significant dispersion, sharpness significant impact on image sharpness and color. ED (Extra-lowDispersion) appear to change lenses can be a good kind of problem.
         ED ED lens selection can reduce the chromatic aberration, and ensure that all wavelengths of light actually focus on the same point. It will produce strong chiaroscuro but almost no color distortion of the image, so the monitor screen Restore "character."
         Of course, in addition, the use of a greater role in the correction of chromatic dispersion ED glass, which allows the infrared effects shots have been greatly enhanced, day and night to achieve the 3 million-pixel high-definition effect. Because ED glass processing difficulties, expensive, ED lens is still in use, including the mainstream, including supersonic lens manufacturers.
         Three technical support for HD one million
         ASP aspheric crisp and clear picture quality and technological achievements
         Aspherical lens technology is a very important one million high-definition camera technology, it is also an important effect of the lens to get HD guarantee. Congenital defects of the traditional spherical lens has a spherical aberration, which brought insurmountable spot phenomenon, which greatly affect the image quality.
         Aspherical lens, so that the light is refracted higher surface, the light can be precisely focused to a point. Aspheric design, fixed image is unclear, distorted vision, narrow field of vision and other undesirable phenomena, making image clearer and delicate.
         IRCoating multi-layer coating technology to enhance the amount of light
         Why lens coating? Because there are no objects on the light reflection effect, even a colorless and transparent glass is no exception, the difference is whether the angle of light reflection effect can be formed. The ideal situation is that the light transmittance of the lens can be completely through the lens and is focused on a complete CCD. Megapixel CCTV lens CCTV lens compared to common technical requirements more stringent. Using multi-layer coating technology enables anti-reflection of light, the light AR promote and enhance the overall amount of light through the lens, and ultimately improve the image quality.
         There are reasonable and excellent lens material, a better quality lens is half the battle. But to completely build an excellent performance of the lens, in addition to efforts on the material, the lens itself, whether the technology is absolutely perfect to win the king.
         Selection of one million high-definition monitor the financial industry Highlights
         With millions of high-definition surveillance applications more widely, financial security as an important place for the main six-security applications, the selection of the problem can not be ignored. To this end, here to introduce financial sector IP HD camera selection points.
         Points one: HD indicators primacy
         In reality, whether it is the bank teller or gate monitoring, treasury, IPC ATM use, high-definition technology has become increasingly urgent entire financial industry needs. Here, the high-definition, not only refers to the clarity of IPC, IPC also includes color reproduction and continuity of the images and other indicators.
         From the clarity of perspective, no matter what the above scenarios, IPC clarity to reach at least 720P. The only way to ensure maximum see the monitored object. For example, counter surveillance able to see facial features and details of the coupon depositors, to provide effective protection for the post of evidence. From the color reproduction is concerned, IPC has the ability to restore color notes and picture detail, even in low light situations, but also has excellent color reproduction capability. In addition, the continuity of the monitor screen is also very important to make the screen does Caton and skipping phenomenon, IPC frame rate must be at least 25 / S, in order to ensure the teller to see a series of operations, and even the night monitoring can see fast-moving objects. Point two: wide dynamic image effect essential
         Banking supervision, especially the large door monitoring, in the daytime, when the sun is relatively strong, the door light is relatively weak, if you want to be able to see people coming in from the outside face, you need to have excellent Sensor camera a wide dynamic effects. And this wide dynamic range to reach at least 120db, wide dynamic frame rate is as high as possible (at least two).
         Wide dynamic image effect essential
         IP camera was born in the early, wide dynamic effects generally better than traditional analog cameras, but in recent years with the development of Sensor technology vendors, as well as the continuous improvement of their software algorithms for each IPC vendors on this basis, wide dynamic effect problem can be said to have get the perfect solution.
         Three main points: the growing importance of intelligent surveillance
         Currently, more intelligent front-end in self-service banking IPC for use in monitoring the bank´s main features are the use of automatic identification of illegal card reader, regional staff count, fighting detection, wandering / staying detection. In addition, for outdoor surveillance, more and more banks also need IPC has an automatic alarm and through the fog mode, corridors mode intelligent features. Especially Currently, many cities haze situation worsening, IPC function if you do not have through the fog, and even during the day can not meet the demand for outdoor surveillance.
         Highlights Four: Focus on low-code transmission stream network
         The current security system most major banks have achieved high-definition network architecture. For HD monitoring information also required to achieve high-definition transmission. From the practical needs of the IPC, the current 720P´s MainProfile can do 3-4M, 1080P´s MainProfile can do 5-6M, if adopted HighProfile technology, 720P can do 1-2M, 1080P can do 3-4M. But this stream for the current banking network, it is still a relatively large pressure banks to select the relevant IPC products, more needs IPC has excellent low stream stable transmission performance, image compression standards to achieve H.265, to minimize stress on the network.
         In this regard, such as the use H.264, the network transmission control, flow control with a smooth and good code delay performance, reducing the amount of network bandwidth usage, provides real-time, smooth video stream. After the software detects that stream to keep the video parameters unchanged, the network bandwidth is limited to 6Mbps, can achieve real-time stream of about 5.9Mbps. Under different network bandwidth limitations, network transmission of this product is always precise control and achieve the best results picture transmission.
         For the present, the major domestic financial institutions, once you have more than four principles, basically able to meet current or future IPC application requirements. Meanwhile, in view of the vast majority of cities have not yet introduced the application IPC standard corresponding bank, the bank users in the selection of IPC products, the more the market should also choose vendors already have successful application cases.

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