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  • Product segments bring opportunities to small micro security enterprise

        The past two years, "industry product segments," the term began to rise in the security sector. In fact, the industry product segments from marketing on market segmentation, both in the sense of not very different. And perhaps due to security applications originated from industrial users, it has a darker color ... industry is currently in the industry is to provide more "industry segments." Industry segment is the use of the characteristics of different industries, the application needs to do the analysis, but targeted product development, design targeted solutions, and provide targeted services.
         According to "China Security Industry Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan", by 2015, the scale of the security industry output value reached 500 billion yuan, of which the video surveillance system output will reach 110 billion, while the video surveillance is the maximum value of the security industry chain, the industry´s fastest fast security products segments.
         Security product segments in the video surveillance industry trends
         Video surveillance security industry a larger proportion of products, more than 50%, the video surveillance system products for example, its technology trends mainly digital, networked, high-definition, integrated, intelligent. However, the phenomenon can not be ignored is that the market is affecting the pattern of industry segments. For example: surveillance cameras and road building surveillance cameras inside the product form can differentiate the different requirements of industry demand for the product´s features highlighted different.
         In the wave of urban construction, domestic peace, based on the "information transmission GB/T28181-2011 networked video surveillance security systems, switching, control technology requirements" standard construction Safe City project, not only for the public security system security standards, while also reflects the characteristics of the public security industry segments. In the electricity sector, based on the "Guangdong power grid substation video and environment monitoring system technical specifications" developed IP camera, digital video, and environmental monitoring host (RPU, NVR), platform software system, after a complete cross-testing and field applications, has been achieve the interconnection, interoperability and product swap between multiple manufacturers, which reflects the requirements of the power industry to industry standardization of products and the development of industry segments.
         Development of industry segments to provide the market development space
         The current security market segments forth requirements for the industry. From the look in finely divided form, mainly in product segments, segment solutions, marketing several segments. In general, production-oriented enterprises mainly product segments, launched different series, features of the product, such as an ATM DVR, Car DVR, DVR trial for different industries; For system integrators and large contractors, the solution segments mainly for the industry characteristics, such as electronic program invigilator, intelligent transportation programs, etc.; dealers and agents are mainly marketing segments, namely sub-sectors targeted marketing and promotion, to the adoption of industry segments, and more close to the user´s requirements.
         For industrial subdivision growth environment, the needs of users in different sectors appear complex and personalization trend, which formed the basis of industry segments, but also to the security company for the various market segments intensive creates the opportunity to say, requires the development of industry segments is the security industry, it is a sign of maturity security. The reason why more and more industry segments attention to security companies, most of the industry believes that the security system is mainly concentrated in specific industries by the early places, and now rapidly expanding to all walks of life, so that some companies began to scale operations, but also have the ability to industry segments.
         In addition, the resulting homogenization of security products more competitive, while the market is developing, the user becomes mature, the user needs to start refusing homogeneous products; enterprise security products industry segments, one can get rid of product homogeneity fierce price competition from the "Red Sea" to "Blue Ocean", on the other hand, companies can "chaos" in the market in general, the more in-depth, focused, comprehensive grasp of the characteristics of certain types of industry needs.
         For users, you can choose a larger range of personalized applications for their own products and systems, eliminate some unnecessary features and applications to business, management, bringing more convenience and value-added services, but also helps to reduce investment costs.
         For small businesses, micro-security, centralized corporate resources, for some industry segments ascend to conduct market research, in close cooperation with the upstream and downstream enterprises, the development of marketable products, in certain industries to form their own advantage, which more conducive to the survival and future development of enterprises.
         The status of development of the domestic integrated security systems industry
         According to authoritative statistics, the domestic security industry with a total of more than twenty thousand a certain scale enterprises, engaged in security systems engineering and implementation of enterprise occupies most of proportion, and most of these companies are small with less than 50 business. Many users in the construction of the system of security systems integration companies are increasingly high requirements, security systems integration companies must have the ability to implement specialized systems integration, project management skills, relevant qualification requirements, good industry connections to get market customer acceptance, the SMEs is undoubtedly a huge challenge, otherwise it will be increasingly brutal competition in the market has been eliminated.
         Security systems integration development trend of the industry´s most obvious and intelligent, with the continuous expansion of deepening security system construction and security applications, different sectors focus on the security needs of the application there is a big difference. In the current domestic security industry, the major application system construction industry´s growing demand for differentiation. In the domestic security industry, starting from system integration, achieved through continuous investment in research and development of security systems integration and security product development complement each other, and made ​​great achievements in the security business, but not much, it is only one fundamental reason: This road is not good to go.
         Many of the generic security products and system solutions can not satisfy the requirements of different markets, some large, deep security systems integration projects for systems integration businesses, not only to do solution design, but also for related products hardware and software customization, requires companies with related hardware and software security products, custom development and production capabilities, industry segments can not only research and development capabilities to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also to win new business profit margins, to achieve better diversification.
         From systems industry solutions, software platform, and various forms of industry breakdown products, the future appears larger market segments, particularly the outbreak of the civil market, all industry segments reflects the trends in the field of security, for the security industry future sustainable growth is of great significance.

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