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  • Explore the new model of civilian monitoring development

        While civilian control in has a good momentum of development, but the arrival of the era of civilian control overall prosperity requires a certain process, civilian control is still developing slowly striding forward, we can say the development of civilian control of the double-edged sword, for the purchase of ways speaking: the development of e-commerce, online sales of civilian monitoring products Ling Lang everywhere, consumers quality products do not form a clear understanding of brand awareness for security vendors are also vague, which allows small workshops, shoddy products popular not conducive to market competition; from the purchase intention of view, many consumers buy the real purpose of civilian control is not known, the use of monitors to view the privacy of others, for the "other" monitor, so difficult investigation, have an impact on the privacy of others ; expand civilian control of the market, so that the security of civilian market entry threshold is low, many small businesses have wanted a piece, so the confusion of market competition, product quality is no guarantee that the phenomenon occurs frequently. People gradually improve security awareness is a good thing, but the development of civil conflict monitoring pros worth pondering, civil security market should be how to develop? Is there a rational development of new models to choose from?
         1, civilian control of HD surveillance products indispensable HD
         For a long period of time, whether the need for high-definition home security have become the focus of controversy for many people. For the surveillance camera just entering the era of the family, it seems a direct climb on high demand some people looked really bright. After all, there are a few people who just start when beginning to recognize the concept of civilian control, cost control systems and high-definition monitor prices really higher costs on many users Chenmu Jieshe. Just repairing a security surveillance camera has become a new thing, when high-definition consumer is clearly difficult to accept. Moreover, do not even mention what more practiced. However, with the home HD has gradually opened up a field of their own, these traditional concepts are quietly undergoing a change.
         Now, do not set up a dedicated home security has matured, and in the feature, combined with the many features of the home environment is no longer the monitoring device as their only job. Ever since, the police, the probe has become a guest home security equipment. Of course, the non-unique applications of surveillance does not mean the absence of monitoring requirements, and vice versa to monitor this demand-based alarm monitoring in a stronger position on the basis of demand. Therefore, the definition of work ability naturally become the basis of accurate warning.
         In addition, with the growing wealth of home monitoring device functions, from case detection to everyday communication, home monitoring have become an increasingly integral part of the carrier. Thus, the role of home monitoring has not only limited to "see criminal conduct" demand, while HD is destined to become a necessity.
         2, of the civilian market mobile phone market has become the new carrier
         For home security devices, mobile technology has become a very interesting spectacle current. Sim card from the vehicle when we mention the location, and then the phone number of home alarm device alarm. Too many features have been bound phone, which also reflects today´s combined home security from simple anti-theft initiative with the Royal gradually a trend. In the evolution of this trend, the mobile phone has become a very important part.
         Of course, for the current alarm for mobile terminals, although the popularity of the not too low. But always in use have a variety of grind. Charges, various kinds of gimmicks instability also test the patience of the user. In my opinion, interlinked phone features home security has become a mainstream trend. As for the behavior of these charges, although how much we produce today will be "awkward" feeling. But with the depth and carried home security functions, such money might come to an end sooner or later.
         3, a total of progress under the new platform online and electricity supplier
         The major manufacturers have actively explore the road of civilian control, civilian e-commerce can also try the product for home monitoring alarm appears on 3C stores and Taobao Mall, which greatly facilitates the civilian market promotion. The traditional security industry may need to make adjustments targeted at the consumer to classify, to understand the needs of the average consumer´s mind, grasp the bottom line of consumer acceptance of the product where civilian control in the investigation on the basis of public opinion, rich sound online product. For the development of e-commerce can without geographical restrictions, breaking barriers between regions, to achieve unlimited corporate sales, in addition to e-commerce need price transparency, more competition requires a more reasonable price, but e-commerce service platform civilian surveillance products, security products installation and service is needed to solve the problem of e-commerce platform, to solve these problems online transactions, e-commerce products, civilian control of the road will go farther.
         Security Industry Market segmentation is a general trend, security products can not just stay in the professional field of specialization use, civilian surveillance market has gradually opened the door for manufacturers, more reasonable technological development, more rational market development , and a more stable product performance is actually safeguard their long-term interests of the most effective means. For users, to determine their needs rational and objective look at the characteristics of the product, not the blind pursuit of new, do not easily change their concern for civilian surveillance market, to explore a variety of new model development, to meet increasingly diverse market choice, but also need to monitor the arrival of the new civilian normative system, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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