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  • Analog and network speed dome distinction

        Network speed ball, also called IP speed dome, namely IP Camera, referred IPC.IPC is a new generation of network video surveillance system, the core hardware devices, usually embedded architecture, integrated video and audio acquisition, signal processing, coding compression, intelligent a variety of functional analysis, storage and network transmission, combined with network video recording systems and storage management platform software, you can build a large-scale, distributed intelligent network video surveillance system.
         As long as the network can be remotely monitored and video, will greatly reduce the cost of installing wiring, truly remote monitoring.
         Analog Speed ​​Dome and network speed dome the difference between what?
         Analog monitor networked mode
         Analog front-end high-speed ball interlaced CMOS / CCD light sensor converts the optical signal into an analog electrical signal, and then output to the DSP, the DSP for A / D conversion and color adjustment processing do D / A converter modulated PAL / NTSC system TV output.
         Network Speed ​​Dome is a combination of a new generation of high-speed analog and network technology, high-speed ball balls produced, built an embedded chip, embedded real-time operating system. After the high-speed ball sent to the video signal is digitized by a high-compression chip compression, sent to the Web server through the network bus, the authorized users to scale IP-based network infrastructure in place to achieve local or remote viewing, storing and managing video data.
         IPC hardware configuration generally includes part of the lens, image sensor, sound sensor, signal processors, analog / digital converters, encoding chips, the main chip, network and control interface and other components.
         And an image signal input through the lens after the microphone input voice signal from the sound sensor and an image sensor into electrical signals, an analog / digital converter converts the analog electrical signal into a digital signal, and then through an encoder according to a coding standard for encoding compression, under the control of the controller, the network service module are transmitted in a network protocol to the network, the controller may also receive an alarm signal and the alarm signal is transmitted outwards.
         Sharpness Contrast
         First, the definition. See more clearly the goal is for each user, but also the ultimate mission of the security industry. Network Speed ​​Dome Speed ​​Dome with analog current clarity can not be compared. Currently, the network has high-speed ball can reach millions, 2000000, 5000000 or even ten million pixel image output, and analog high-speed ball only CIF, D1 image output.
         Comparison of the image information stored
         Network Speed ​​Dome Built-WEB, using a scale WEB browser on your PC, you can manage and view images. Meanwhile, the network speed dome also enables remote management and image viewer, and image data exists on a remote hard drive, easy to find, easy to store, will not be destroyed; while the simulation is a relatively high-speed ball blocking system, only internal monitoring, not remote monitoring, video data can only be stored locally, not remotely view, criminals can easily be destroyed.
         Use contrast image view
         Network Speed ​​Dome Built-control system, using any scale WEB browser on a PC, you can manage and view images, and can be shared multi-screen management software, multi-channel monitoring, unrestricted ones, does not increase hardware costs; while the analog speed dome will have connected with DVR, DVR large ones have certain limitations, then the DVR is full, the camera also increase the cost of the additional hardware. Network speed dome can be managed remotely, such as video settings, PTZ control, alarm setting, two-way intercom, control and other functions into the class; simulate high-speed ball can only be viewed in the local management.
         Installation wiring contrast
         Network Speed ​​Dome simply connect it to the nearest network and assign an IP address can be. It can use existing network as a delivery platform, do not go to the wiring; while the analog high-speed ball needs to be connected to each coaxial cable high-speed ball, and connected to the control platform, video equipment, display devices, each additional way to be re-wiring, and no existing network can be utilized.
         Contrast spend money monitoring system
         Cost network speed dome network cable for high-quality coaxial cable is usually higher than the same scale to at least 30% to 40%, a cable network can simultaneously support hundreds of high speed balls and other equipment; while each analog speed dome need a cable connected, if more than one high-speed ball, it is necessary to purchase many cables and these cables specifically for installation and deployment money, in general, higher labor and maintenance costs.
         Network Speed ​​Dome of the external environment are higher, requires a very strict network environment, and many parts of China´s network environment, there are still a number of delays, disconnection, the problem of congestion, using Power over Ethernet, network speed dome power , image data, alarm data and RS485 PTZ control via an Ethernet data transmission, wiring for engineering, installation and maintenance costs can be reduced, and less power to run the system more stable.

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