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  • Camera lens into security systems focus

        Monitoring the performance of image clarity or not depends on the lens, and the quality of life and a megapixels lens, performance inseparable. This lens is mainly made ​​of metal and high-quality plastic lens that affect the quality of life and generating an image. The camera lens housing determines the durability of the lens mounting external influence mobility and mobile, even in fact, may also affect the interface with the gear life.
         Monitoring lens looks very strong, but in fact very fragile. Lenses are usually made ​​of metal or in small workshops in low-end products, it can not only increase profits, manufacturers can save expensive lens mold. No mold, each lens is difficult to achieve unity, of varying quality, the installation will be a problem in the surveillance camera.
         In contrast, if a set of lenses made ​​of high quality plastic mold development, quality problems will be solved. Not only concern the mold shape, the lens is also improved in the production of light, and a prolonged life while reducing material cost. Most of megapixel IP camera lens is done through a special plastic production.
         Lens manufacturing and production
         Monitoring lens manufacturing security systems are the focus of attention. How to choose the right lens, the lens is necessary to understand how to make it, according to the needs of different areas produce different performance products. As the professional manufacturer of lens person said, megapixels lens image sharpness, clarity, lens aperture, depth of field is the main function; in manufacturing, compared with a standard resolution of the lens, lens accuracy demanding.
         Lens errors may be present in the assembly process, but the value must be controlled within a desired range. The higher the resolution of the lens is more sensitive to light when it is aligned. Center and the edge can not appear uneven, translucent once very obvious flaws, this is unacceptable. Different manufacturers are using their unique program to test the product and the quality and quantity, such as automatic lens, to ensure that all lenses have the same manufacturing specifications. For the five million pixel resolution lens is even higher, which uses a single set of control, self-aligning process to ensure the quality of the lens.
         Monitoring lens Precautions
         Each lens in front of the projection lens officially factory tests are required, in the testing process can understand the uniformity of the image, and generates the image center and edge resolution, in order to ensure that the overall image quality. Both the center of the image or an edge image, the resolution of the image plays a crucial role.
         MTF or both in the low-frequency performance at high frequency performance should be balanced, because the impact of high frequency image resolution, image sharpness and contrast of low frequency effects. Aperture size to achieve clear images in low light environment also plays an important role. Although the applications differ, but the high reliability under different environmental lens to ensure stable performance lens for.
         In order to achieve high-quality megapixels lens, all including design, machine precision, measurement techniques, assembly and quality control must attack a chain. Many users believe that lens design is the most important part, in fact, this is not entirely correct. Good design is not a panacea for high precision products, should also be dependent on the manufacturing process.
         In order to ensure the megapixels lens manufacturing process quality and performance, we must first make sure that each component quality, good performance. The high-precision parts, such as glass element, there should be a measure of the quality level of advanced machines. In assembly, the alignment of the optical axis has a considerable challenge, especially an optical system component.
         Currently lens test equipment is relatively small, it is difficult to give an objective performance evaluation. Many of them are now many manufacturers boast their own security products, surveillance technology is currently only supports up to 8-megapixel lens, display a maximum output of 4K, if outside this range, then meaningless.
         Therefore, in the choice of lens, do not care about some of the data parameters, choose a good brand, good performance lens also able to output high-quality images.

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