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  • Factors that promote the rapid development of IP video surveillance industries

         In recent years, the development of video surveillance market has high speed into the period, at the same time, with the major domestic carriers huge investment in network infrastructure, especially the rapid growth of 3G applications, quickly pushing the IP camera in various fields application, following a look at the factors leading to the rapid development of IP video surveillance industry what. 
         1, the government attaches great importance to information networks, especially for things highly valued.
         2, the further development of smart home industry.
         3, the community safety hazard prevention more seriously.
         4, IP camera handy compared to traditional analog cameras, security, reliability, performance and stability, etc., there is a great advantage!
         5, the demand for high definition, which is not possible with analog cameras obstacle.
         Many well-known brands of IP surveillance camera sales for several years to 300-400% growth rate, I believe in many well-known brands to promote, IP camera industry will usher in faster development.
         Advantages of IP video surveillance applications
         Global momentum of rapid development, IP camera is 42% annual growth rate gradually replace traditional analog cameras become mainstream in the future of video surveillance market. IP camera video surveillance market to become mainstream in the future, and this is the advantage of IP camera itself lead.
         1, IP camera cost savings. IP camera only supports all standard analog CCTV surveillance camera function, but to provide users with more system functions and can reduce more costs. IP camera systems often do not require unnecessary investment in equipment and installation, the system can be directly connected via a network for remote monitoring, eliminating the need for closed-circuit television, wire, and greatly reduces labor costs, reducing costs.
         2, IP camera plug and see. IP camera built-in system software enables true plug and play, so that eliminates the need for users to complex network configurations. Providing user-friendly software package for rapid development of application software on their own.
         3, IP camera remote centralized management. IP camera in addition to any corner of the world through the Internet for remote monitoring, but also may be effective in reducing costs through IP video surveillance, it´s "plug and play" function, no need to be the same as analog cameras installed coaxial cable as long as the use of the existing network can be used, which are the advantages of IP camera in place.
         4, IP camera and flexible integration. The system can be easily linked with other security devices, such as humidity, temperature, smoke, intrusion alarm; while interlocking lights, alarm, locks and other action devices, which makes it possible to easily form a powerful security systems. I believe IP camera will be in a dominant position on the basis of CCTV in the near future.
         5, high IP camera system performance. System screen settings and flexible, and based on the usages of different user preferences set their own screen size, resolution, and location monitoring, the purpose of multi-point video surveillance. If the NCS software support W74GMIP camera, multi-user simultaneous access to a IP camera, when the alarm is triggered after a certain period of time moving images that can be automatically stored alarm, with many features.
         6, IP camera easier to use in the network. Based on global industry standards, IP camera can be seamlessly connected with the various types of Ethernet devices. In a sense, IP camera is a standard network equipment. But while a network device, a single network in the world today, easy to use, inexpensive and so will be the IP camera features.
         With IP camera applications in all walks of gradually deepening, many manufacturers have force, and continue to introduce new products and technologies, in addition, with major projects in the country continue to promote domestic IP video surveillance market prospects are very impressive, Thus, IP camera launched the industry´s future potential.

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