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  • Home video surveillance system optional experience

        With the continuous improvement of living standards, people´s demand for home security has been put on the agenda. Home security system can protect the house, security, reduce vandalism and burglary behavior play an effective role on such a common crime, or even reduce the incidence of use of its indoor accidents.
        Buy home security monitoring system
        Monitoring system is like buying buy mobile phones, each according to their needs require different monitoring systems to the topic. However, the phone is not the same, the phone is a single product, and contains a camera surveillance system, video transmission, storage, display and other functions in one, not a single product can be buttoned. Moreover, local conditions, different units for camera mounting location will differ. Therefore, before we determine product support, should determine their own prevention requirements, understand the relevant product knowledge, product support programs to determine the actual situation. When the best conditions to draw a simple product support and installation plan, list each product installation location, installation, use of accessories, so as to avoid missing the East West during the installation, the situation affecting the installation.
        The first step: Determine PC + capture card or DVR to make your host
        For home computer, especially for desktop users, "PC + capture card" approach can be said to be able to reduce the cost, of course, price is not the first one, we take a look at the pros and cons of each of the parties to say:
        The advantage of using PC + capture card: You can take advantage of their own original home computer (configuration meets the requirements of the board), each monitoring the demand for PC card systems are different, the best please use the CPU and chipset INTELP4, but this PC is also You can make general purpose use.
        The disadvantage is that a large hard disk space required for video files. For a long time the application needs to use professional digital hard disk recorders.
        DVR: DVR Compared with traditional analog video recorders, hard disk recorders have greater advantages, features: long recording time, maximum recording time depends on the capacity of the storage device is connected, generally up to a few hundred hours; support Depending on the number of multiple audio channels, can be a few road Meanwhile, more than a dozen roads, or even dozens of simultaneous recording; recording and image quality will not deteriorate over time; more feature-rich, unlike traditional analog VCR so simple. Different applications on different DVR functionality requirements. Such as hard disk recorders for monitoring the industry should have the following features: compression, video recording, playback features, backup, network capabilities, PTZ camera control, alarm input and output. Different manufacturers design, manufacture DVR does not necessarily have all the features listed above.
        Step Two: Determine the number of cameras needed to determine the quality of the camera image
        Apartment is not the same need to be monitored in the field is not the same, the camera we need is not the same, so we must first determine the monitoring point. Then, depending on the specific circumstances of each monitoring point, to determine the requirements of each surveillance camera picture quality, and determine the number of home surveillance system cameras.
        The third step: whether to have a night vision function
        Surveillance cameras used in a wide range of dazzling looks, we have to monitor the sites according to the brightness (illuminance) situation and the type of monitoring to determine the need for nighttime surveillance cameras used. If the ambient brightness one monitoring point is relatively low or need night surveillance, we need to put this camera monitoring points identified as infrared cameras; If some areas that need to be adjusted to the position of the camera lens, we may need to rotate the pan; For both do not need night vision function does not need to purchase an ordinary camera lens can. Step four: the cabling or wireless
        For home monitoring, the appearance is also a very important consideration. In addition to high prices, the wireless network cameras really eliminates the hassle and unsightly cable, but need to pay attention to the problem of distance and obstacles. Cement principle of wireless transmission distance will be shortened, the metal material is completely covered the wireless signal, a transmitter (in the camera side) and the receiver (the host) to be away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference in the wireless network to be used, We have to be carefully weighed up.
        Note: We have to accurately measure the distance between each camera to the host for a wired or wireless monitor, this is a necessary step.
        Step Five: The camera features and prices
        Function achieved, but the price of it, you can get your approval? In general, with a special camera features, such as infrared features, such as zoom, will raise the price of the camera. If you feel that raising the price of the whole surveillance system, it is necessary to find out that you respect their needs, such as the definition of hope, light at night, you want to shoot from, based on these factors to choose the right camera.
        On the home security system functional components
        Home security is a family-based safety precaution, the use of physical methods or electronic technology, automatic detection occurs within the monitoring area of ​​armed trespass, an alarm signal and alarm attendant prompts regional sites occurs, the display may take countermeasures systems. So, what are the general home security system functional components?
        1, the video surveillance system
        As long as households have Internet access, either ADSL or broadband, you can install a large goose video gateway. The difference between the old analog camera, the new generation of IP camera with 360-degree rotation, and more than one million high-definition images. You can take pictures, you can record, and these images are based on customer needs information stored on a network server. With call function, equal to install a telephone network. General 100 square meters of the house, a camera to each security in the hall and kitchen, if you have installed cameras in every room, that you can do the whole house is not dead.
        2, the alarm system
        The various sensors and camera integrated linkage is an innovative home security of current. Door sensor, infrared displacement, smoke detectors, gas detectors, flooding detectors, emergency button, the text and images can be sent to mobile phones and video gateway linkage anywhere triggered alarm, camera will automatically turn here and and computers.
        3, guard privacy
        A new generation of home security system uses a P2P network transmission mode, all without a server forwards the video, so the staff backstage look at the situation not see any user´s home; video gateway with a password, only the user knows that he can modify ; mobile client also has a password, only the user knows.
        4, police intelligence process control system
        Intrusion or gas leakage alarm message appears headed in the local audible and visual alarm information, and the system host sends SMS, MMS, capture live pictures and the live video to multiple designated mobile phone users; users receive The first time the police intelligence information can pick up the phone or computer monitor to view any home screen, and you can phone or computer on home video cameras, alarms, smart appliance control, on the phone to independently complete video surveillance, burglar alarm, smart home functions.

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