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  • 36 Q: How to set FTP service settings
        A: If you want to upload images to FTP server, you can set FTP service settings.
        1) Set FTP service settings
        You need a ftp server before you do these settings.Make sure that you have enough permission on read, write, delete on the server.Please set as below picture. (Picture 1)

    (picture 1)

        Here upload interval means the time between the first image and the second image. Here 10, means 10 seconds.
        Make sure test succeed. (Picture 2)

    (picture 2)

        2) If you want the camera upload images to ftp server when motion trigger. You need also set alarm service settings.
        Please set alarm service settings as below. (Picture 3)

    (Picture 3)

        Do not forget to click submit after finish these settings.
        If there is motion trigger, camera will upload images to ftp server.
        ◆If you set scheduler, camera will only alarm and upload pictures during the time you set when motion trigger.
        ◆If you do not choose scheduler, camera will always alarm and upload  pictures when motion trigger at any time.

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