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    Become an Authorized Apexis Reseller

    •Benefits of being an authorized APEXIS Reseller

        1.Most competitive wholesale price;

        2.Priority to be APEXIS distributor;

        3.Listing as APEXIS authorized reseller in APEXIS website;

        4.Inclusion in APEXIS marketing activities and promotions;

        5.Authorization to use APEXIS logo and APEXIS domain name;

        6.Access to APEXIS marketing material and technical information;

        7.Priority technical, sales and customer service support;

        8.Preferable warranty, limited 2 years;

        9.Access to APEXIS accessories support;

        10.Priority product and technical training;

    •Conditions of becoming an authorized APEXIS Reseller

        1.With recognition of the value of APEXIS, establish long-term business relationship with APEXIS;

        2.Individual or Enterprise with financial ability & experience to run business of APEXIS products;

        3.With good honesty, willing to sell full range of APEXIS products and provide good service to end-users;

        4.Be cooperative to comply with APEXIS market discipline & price rule in specified market;

        5.Never dump APEXIS products at low price, never break APEXIS´s pricing rule;

        6.Provide good pre-sale, point-of-sale, post-sale supports & service to end-users;

        7.Willing to focus on APEXIS products, with full confidence in products and market;

        8.Must have a sales network, with ability to develop APEXIS market for a short time;

    Application Form:

    To apply, please fill the application form, send us your details below
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    How are you going to sell APEXIS camera, by online-store, retail shops or provide installtion service  
    What is the link of your online-store if there is any one?  
    How did you hear about us?  

    Authorized Apexis Reseller

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