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  • Network video monitoring application to civil security appear new breakthroug

        Throughout security market development direction, in the next five years time security market development ran to network and integration, GaoQingHua, intelligent. In the current market environment is more and more obvious security products, use trend trend is security products HangYeHua, application field use. Especially in three nets fusion concept video monitoring network is out, he got the development by leaps and bounds. Security market network security industry application makes use video monitoring appeared new opportunities, whether project traders or manufacturers are realized network monitor impacts.

        In the application process in use, cost and installation project perspective, wireless monitoring devices in from the traditional monitoring products wiring bondage, broaden the outdoor mobile security applications, especially in the mobile object realize monitoring. Networking products in foreign security market, currently occupy the bigger share of domestic users or simulation is given priority to, most with network bandwidth increase, three nets fusion, the progress of digital city, now many manufacturers have begun to big strength launched network monitor video camera. Because at present domestic civil security market development aid is not perfect, use development platform network cameras will otherwise a as.

        Using trend of application, network use video monitor what direction will face? The sea for this topic on him amongst said: "civil security pattern of development of the cable will be combined with operators, the wireless network technology, and video producer coding equipment, network cameras and alarm linkage equipment, high income and high security for home users of consciousness provide video monitoring and alarm service through remote video, solve the rate of false positives and the problem of insufficient civil air defence, the market has been quite mature in abroad in the domestic operation model, is still in the start-up phase. Mobile monitor after three year´s market already mature basic technical conditions brewing, wait to operators in 3G network layout is perfect. In pilot city, part for individual groups and enterprise group applications in a large market potential." We can see that the future civil network monitor need marketing, namely to improve customer safety awareness and quality network architecture as the foundation. Objectively speaking, network video monitoring use also faces development obstacles. ChenBaiSheng talked about general shield electronic "today, part of the project chamber of commerce to clients knowledge popularization and safety consciousness popularization, let them for security an overall cognitive. Due to lack of knowledge popularity hindered the development of civil security market at present, but as people thought, there is reason to believe that the progress of domestic civil security market development potential." Depending on the eagle electron zhao party think: "thanks to earlier the time delay of former network cameras to users, instability caused illusion, currently compatibility is network monitor development most need to solve the thing."

        In addition to marketing and application outside, the design of the product appearance also should conform to the trend to use more beautiful, more hidden. Makers offer color kinescope to attract buyers eyeball also can yet be regarded as a kind of sales strategy.

        To sum up, whether project traders or video monitoring of network firm, in the fields of application to use are very promising future, we believe, based on a government´s strong support, relying on the advanced technical means, in forming a mature operation mode, the network video monitoring will surely usher in new development opportunity, achieved a new breakthrough.


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