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  •  We have contact with in their daily lives a lot of smart home products, such as voice-activated lights, video intercom, security monitoring systems, there are many similar smart technology already present in our lives, but these are only low-level smart home products. Smart Home is not a single or multiple smart products can reflect, which is based residential platform, both buildings, network communications, information appliances, equipment automation, collection systems, structure, service and management as one of the home facilities. The use of advanced computers, network communications, automatic control technology, the subsystems together organically, through integrated management, make family life more comfortable, safe and effective. It not only has the function of living in the traditional sense, but also enhance the security of home life and energy efficiency.
    But with smart home technology becomes more advanced and complex, which will also bring more security threats. Future smart phones will be able to lock the door, turn on the air, check the milk has not expired, even warm-irons, but all the convenience will give hackers an opportunity to exploit, let them mysteriously open your door pry your life or steal your car. Most of the functionality of smart home devices through Internet technology to achieve, hackers can easily break WiFi technology based smart home devices and video cameras to steal login information, or by the owner to know whether the thermostat at home, or through intelligent TV peeping user privacy of the family´s daily life. Currently smart home systems on the market are basically using simple custom version of Linux systems, and the technology is not mature enough, the developer also has not paid enough attention to their security; In addition, many companies see huge smart home market, would like to take the initiative one step ahead, and eager to market their products, in response to attacks and did not put a lot of resources. Meeting together for many reasons, a direct result of these smart home system, can easily be hacked.
    For this, we should allow hackers to maintain the characteristics of the so-called high costs and low profits. Network security is relative, but there will never be a hacker to spend a huge amount of money and manpower just to control what hardware devices in your home. Given the security door every 10,000 fans will have a key can open both doors, who will go to a family´s attempt, which is the formation of security costs. This cost can go all respects force, one of the most effective and wisdom of a ring is the law, the law will inevitably reduce the high cost of illegal and legal protection is a natural protection for all formation. Smart home and people´s daily lives, family, any security issues can not be ignored. Smart home also need to work on the safety of products, but also to create a good market mechanism, so that consumers can really trust.
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