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  • Security monitoring project, used storage technologies can be divided into local storage, network attached storage and storage are three advantages of their respective comparative analysis can take a look. The most typical application is stored locally DVR (DVR), which uses the built-in hard drive mode for image storage. DVR storage is the most common form of storage mode, the codec devices directly attached hard disk; up directly with eight hard drives. Due to restrictions codec device performance, the general pattern of the hard disk sequential writes, RAID redundancy technology is not applied to achieve data protection. With growing hard drive capacity, single hard drive failure resulting in loss of critical data chance synchronous growth in the future with the development of remote video monitoring technology, DVR storage also showed significant front-end and single-oriented features. Network Digital Video Recorder (NVR) is a product on the market in recent years, the gradual rise of the security, video surveillance systems, NVR is an analog VCR and DVR upgrade product, it is exempt from the window operations implemented on the basis of the original DVR stand-alone systems and computer with the independent operation of the device. Because NVR adopt highly integrated chip technology, advanced digital video recording, storage and playback functions, complex and routine maintenance without a computer will be able to achieve higher resolution (up to 1080P resolution) high-quality real-time monitoring, and simple and easy with. Plug-in storage is usually DAS, RAID, JBOD, mainly SATA, USB, SAS and other storage protocol extension data storage, this approach is suitable for small-scale deployments, making the surveillance video data on the reliability of the technology by RAIO been some guarantee, but also to write data directly clearly, reducing the server transfer this part, but also saves the user´s investment. But the disadvantage of this technique can not be shared and low scalability.
    Network Storage core technology solutions primarily NAS and SAN, two storage protocols into the security market at the beginning of the process caused a lot of confusion and inappropriate applications. Currently, we start from the demand level to distinguish between the two storage types. Birth NAS technology is mainly to solve file sharing between different operating systems, and client interaction; SAN protocol is mainly to solve the problem of data capacity, to provide customers with high-capacity space available on TCP / IP networks, in particular the agreement suitable for large concurrent data write. By comparing the above protocol is easy to see, IPSAN (ISCSI) for the current security video surveillance quasi-standard, and has achieved the performance and structure of the perfect balance of practicality. Of course, in the current number of large projects, we also see some FCSAN product, but it is mainly used in large-scale critical data storage project.
    With the popularization and application of information technology, whether it is business or personal has produced large amounts of data every day, after the formation of huge amounts of data over time, a large amount of data has exceeded the limits of computer hard drives and CD-ROM can be easily stored, the emergence of cloud storage technology to solve storage puzzle provides a viable option. Storage features of video images for real-time access to higher performance requirements, while cloud storage system architecture determines its ability to lower total cost of ownership satisfy massive high-definition or standard definition video concurrent write, read, and can achieve rapid configuration and plug and play. Thus, although in the short term needs of the current cloud storage will be concentrated in the main safe city, intelligent transportation and other large industrial markets as well as public cloud architecture based on the civilian market, but I believe the future with a more comprehensive network and mass popularity of video sharing requirements faster growth will be more broad application prospects.


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