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  • From a technical level to see surveillance camera market

         At this stage, high-definition highlights the field of security needs, the data show that the current definition camera shipments accounted for about 20%, this ratio will enhance the growth of the next three years to support the industry. In addition to the new needs of the field of security, update the replacement market also began gradually. Security camera life about 3-5 years, a conservative estimate of Chinese replacement market could reach 20 million units per year scale, while in 2014 China is expected to total shipments camera 29 million units. Admittedly, surveillance camera market has become "really needs."
         As the entrance to the home security, home surveillance camera is now "really needs"
         Although China is now the home security market is still in its infancy, similar to the smart home field, all businesses are exploring, but you can expect a great future size of the market. According to statistics, the existing urban residents in China about 200 million households in the next five years is expected to have at least 5% of the families would consider installing home security products, on average there is a market demand of 20 billion yuan annually. Coupled with its smart home may be an important entrance, which became a battleground is inevitable.
         Entrance smart home, the need is just to be a quantity of products to shop. Lessons TV box and routing, which is the original product can not be improved, it should be the family had not, but I will have something. Reasoning here, intelligent security device on the catches everyone´s eye. Security surveillance camera is the most critical part.
         With the social development, security and home for the elderly, children, pet care, slowly being everyone´s attention, those directly related to the personal and property safety of the product, there is no doubt surveillance camera was "really needs."
         Intelligence applications covering a wide range, the camera enforcement
         With the gradual expansion of the role of security, surveillance camera use more and more, especially in the forensic use of road traffic, and achieved good results. Recently, the Guangzhou Information Times, a "what the camera will enforcement?" News of concern, but also further highlights the surveillance camera to use its intellectual side.
         Traffic police said the road tops so much traffic surveillance camera, is to regulate road traffic order and protect people´s lives and property safety and inspection, monitoring road conditions established, and next to the camera also set a reminder signage, hoping to remind motorists to obey traffic laws to reduce traffic violations occur.
         Aside the application level, from a technical perspective the potential power of smart cameras
         As mentioned above, a growing number of provinces and cities to install surveillance camera, the convenience brought more and more "intelligent." So, set aside the application level, from a technical perspective there will be a smart camera which potential power?
         1, through augmented reality technology to connect virtual and reality. From the current status of the cell phone camera seems to be able to infer tough future smart cameras. The use of image recognition technology, allowing mobile phone camera become a key to decrypt the information. Such as face recognition to replace the cumbersome secret input becomes part of the user to open the phone´s "stepping stone." Camera and image exists inherently intimate contact.
         Smart cameras foothold lies more video, it will become three-dimensional plane stationary objects compared with a vivid image. If the show is just a static picture of the world and to the timeline presented in the video data, closer to the real world. So, smart cameras will greatly enrich visual interaction through augmented reality technology to better build a bridge to connect the virtual and reality.
         2, the line of sight extending help intelligent interaction in the future. As the use of smart phones, smart phones is an extension of human senses, the camera is an extension of the eye, is an extension of tactile sensors, microphones is an extension of the mouth, moving them through the Internet, an unprecedented combination together.
         With the development of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction in the future must be to extend the human senses intelligence tools combined with the depth of the human senses, intelligent hardware use of visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory perception, such as data and information will ultimately artificial intelligence sensing layer morphology achieved. Smart cameras as an extension of the eye, through the accumulation of sound recording and the whole dynamic of the world, video and other data, and upload to the cloud, to help computer simulation of human vision, which is an important part of the future of artificial intelligence indispensable.
         Throughout the ages, worry-free technology in hand market
         Similar products in the market, you want to gain the favor of consumers especially, in addition to price, the more important is the unique iconic features that make the product is technically possible to have more innovation. With a focus on the construction of intelligent security lies in the integration of related technologies, addition is the use of autonomous systems and technologies for product innovation and transformation, and finally improve the security of the system. Ensure that the product is technically only have prospective, safe and stable operation of the system, in order to distance and other security products. To account for market Initiative technology.
         In addition, because the information intelligent security systems involved much more than traditional security, such as smart cameras and remote monitoring sharing Unlike traditional hard disk camera information storage using the popular cloud storage, so that security becomes a simple and flexible . Once the product´s safety, stability problems, which brings data loss and information, privacy leaks and other issues will also be a multiple of the traditional security cameras.
         With the heat wave hit the security market intelligence for companies, that is a rare opportunity and a tough challenge. Only continuous development of innovative technologies to improve system stability and continued to occupy the field of security in smart urban development under the background of a place of wisdom.

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