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  • Apexis HD IP camera favored

         Apexis variety of products conform to the definition of the security industry, IP, market trends intelligent, fully meet the different types of customers for high quality, rich in detail a number of key indicators, such as the latest requirements for open systems. 
         With a new round of technology upgrades, video surveillance industry is a gradual transition from traditional analog era to the new IP HD era, more and more customers of all ages can show more and more detail, more open-minded, more intelligent HD IP camera. Meanwhile, the government began to vigorously promote public safety projects, civil security and other emerging markets also ushered in the rapid development of high, medium and low-end market diversification of customer demand gradually forming. Apexis products rooted in multi-level security market needs through superior performance and innovative product designs continue to expand product portfolio, launched a comprehensive industry-leading IP-definition products for different market segments, to be compatible with the openness and powerful become a trusted partner of our customers, with high reliability, high stability achievement of quality customer experience.