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  • Significant advantage of 3G wireless video surveillance

        3G wireless video surveillance with digital signal processing, combined with 3G wireless transmission network approach to achieve the exchange of signals, control, storage and on-demand video playback, and through the establishment of a strong central service platform, to achieve all codecs and video equipment in the system unified management of storage devices and centralized control. For users, just log on central service platform, to achieve a unified call the whole network monitoring resources, navigate and use. 3G wireless technology in the security on the characteristics significantly, mainly in the following areas:
         A sound network, covering a wide range. China Mobile´s GPRS network, China Unicom´s CDMA network as well as the city´s department of 3G networks, the cage lid has a very wide range, use 3G wireless monitoring, almost without geographic restriction.
         Second, the low price, do not worry about the high cost. Because mobile data traffic is not big, mobile operators in order to encourage the use of mobile data services, with a lot of incentives, after the rise of mobile data, mobile data services expense will be significantly reduced.
         Third, the police confirmed that simple and fast. Security Governance in the proportion of false alarms is abnormally high, while costly human and financial resources. Companies use 3G wireless instant messaging capabilities and mobile video surveillance, can facilitate the solution to the problem of alarm acknowledgment of China in terms of providing police services, is a progressive new technology promotion services.
         Fourth, intelligent transmission. Initially the industry´s leading network monitoring concerns focused on network bandwidth, network latency, network chaos, network security these four areas, even on the Internet can be chaos, clear, smooth interactive video applications including video conferencing, video chat, online viewing, etc., 3G network bandwidth, delay and chaos of the past have been completely beyond the imagination of the user, can meet the load demand video surveillance, and by means of user authentication, bitstream encryption and other security technologies, network transmission than analog monitors bare fact transmission more secure, and less susceptible to external environmental interference. Especially fruitful 3G downlink bandwidth to further promote the development of network video surveillance market.
         Fifth, a wide range of applications. Mobile video surveillance because of its features without geographic restrictions wider range of applications than traditional video surveillance range. It can be applied to: businesses, shops, factories, homes, kindergartens, supermarkets, pharmacies, auto 4S shops, hospitals, nursing homes, public security system.
         3G wireless video surveillance applications highlights the advantages of multi-scene
         Integrated, low cost, just a one-time investment, no trenching pipe, especially for outdoor distance and has been renovated occasions; In many cases, users are often restricted due to the geographical environment and job content, such as mountains, harbor and open space and other special geographical environment, wired networks, cable transmission cabling works great inconvenience, wired construction cycle is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of 3G wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, has the advantage of wide coverage, ease of deployment, operations and diverse.
         Cover a wide range: high mobile wireless network coverage, almost without complex terrain and regional restrictions mountains, rivers, bridges, roads and so on.
         Deployment easy: wireless video surveillance system can be deployed virtually anywhere outdoors, including water, rugged terrain, remote locations. Front-end encoder or IP camera, or even mobile phones, wireless access way to take, just in the mobile network coverage, can be very convenient, very easy to build up monitoring points, eliminating the tedious and cumbersome wiring caused by complex terrain.
         High data throughput: Taking into account future technological developments WIFI and 3G wireless network transmission bandwidth of up to 6Mbps ~ 200Mbps.
         High reliability: high-end wireless transmission system reliability up to 99.999% carrier-class, can be achieved without interruption secure transmission.
         Business and diverse: wireless video surveillance can not only cover all fixed-line monitoring service, you can also carry a variety of mobile services, such as: mobile law enforcement surveillance, mobile interviews.
         Civil, integrated into the development of 3G wireless remote video monitoring aortic
         Wireless remote video monitoring and high-definition, smart a few years become the main development trend in the future of video surveillance industry. With the continuous development of the current 3G technology, applications and civilian technology integration will become the development direction of the wireless remote video monitoring system.
         (A) Application civilian
         Video surveillance systems are undergoing transformation from industrial grade applications such a course to civilian direction. The emergence of wireless applications has contributed to this terminal process. With the further development of 3G technology, each person holding a cell phone to become one of the best business platform for wireless terminals. People can phone wireless network monitoring. Meanwhile home wireless networks are also emerging, people can make use of the wireless access network router via a laptop, rapid formation HWLAN (home wireless network). Supports wireless mode home IP camera will assume home care, shop inspections and other functions, making wireless monitoring technology further into the home user.
         (B) technical integration
         Network video surveillance technology has been walking a technology integration path. From the initial network video servers, network integration to the subsequent launch of the ball, until today very popular wireless IP camera, network video technology to achieve the integration of technology with the ball PTZ camera technology. When combined with wireless technology is increasingly involved in the field of video surveillance, network video technology and wireless technology has become a natural thing, it also helps to further improve product stability and ease of application, network segments favor manufacturers video market to avoid the homogenization of competition.
         3G wireless video surveillance applications can not be ignored
         Although 3G wireless video surveillance has been used in the field, but in the huge amount of data transmitted video stream, there are still some of the following questions:
         ◎ more limited bandwidth wireless monitoring network frequency resources
         Since the effective bandwidth of a single terminal of the public mobile communication network is limited, often need to carry voice, data and other transmission services. Even for current 3G video transmission CIF image, a base station can not be more than three monitoring points, and wireless broadband is characterized by uncertainty among transmission bandwidth, the current 3G network speeds up to 1M, dozens of slow bytes, so only as a supplementary means of transmission.
         ◎ wireless monitoring channel bit error rate is relatively high
         Especially when the terminal equipment is on the move, available bandwidth and bit error rate index has decreased substantially, frequent fluctuations in available bandwidth, high bandwidth video surveillance data loss occurs easily, reliability is not high.
         ◎ wireless monitoring transmission rates are much higher than the cable transmission
         In general, the cost is higher than the cable transmission of wireless transmission, broadband transmission even more so. Running costs of 3G wireless video surveillance system includes broadband internet access video source, mobile watch traffic charges, which monitors system operation charges, total operating costs higher, and it is difficult to decline.

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