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  • Monitoring system changes the PC to the mobile terminal

        A traditional modern monitoring system compared with the
        Development of video surveillance technology allows many users to taste the sweetness, the image quality of standard definition to high definition, monitoring architecture from analog, digital and then to the network, transmission from wired to wireless; This is just the beginning, the future of the ultra-high-definition monitor forward direction, and terminal equipment from fixed desktop of the device you want to move closer.
        On mass surveillance system, a complete monitoring system should include the front-end cameras, video recorders and monitors, this is the most basic equipment, December total total video cable, power lines, and unlike a desktop provincial areas. Civilian security market to pursue small size device, and if so the camera thin, shrink not reduce the quality of the premise.
        Security monitoring equipment quality is the monitoring technology, both HD digital high-definition or high-definition IP network technology to achieve zero pressure. So the volume of how to "shrink" mean? If we simplify the traditional monitoring system, the video is stored directly in the PC computer, then the comparison will be more intense. PK desktop phone, this is the biggest difference between traditional and modern mobile surveillance monitoring.
        Front to back, if the volume reduced? From the front, the volume of a surveillance camera for all to see, look up at the office ceiling, gun-type device slightly larger size, and indoor dome type cameras become mainstream, compact, concealed, at least functionally favorably.
        Transmission equipment? N-meter-long video cable you still tangled it? If you press one yuan one meter to count, a small shop light wiring how they have 200 meters, it is impossible to install only one camera. Transmission wiring problem solving become a top priority. Wireless network transmission technology in monitoring system to solve a large part of the problem.
        2 Monitoring System "downsizing" program
        Security surveillance cameras support wireless transmission, only in the wireless WiFi coverage, power can be completed only by monitoring the transmission of data wirelessly, no alignment holes, does not affect the aesthetics of the room. Network omnipotent, to meet the demand for network-based remote video surveillance cameras monitoring architecture, where the author secrecy, as to how to develop network monitoring follow-up, and slowly answered.
        No matter the size and cost of video storage accounted for almost 40% of the entire system, whether it is a desktop DVR, the hard disk is difficult to reduce the volume, of course, which is the traditional way of monitoring storage. Stage monitor storage devices are integrated into the front end, many families are embedded camera TF card slot, MicroSD card instead of using the traditional hard drive, reducing a lot of storage capacity naturally do not mind it on volume, after use of the environment differ.
        Finally, we take a look at the display device, most surveillance systems use similar-sized computer monitor display device, whether it is a PC or a dedicated monitor mix, naked 17-inch widescreen volume can not lie. Where to monitor the concentrated gone?
        Originally, the network monitoring system based on a farewell display can be viewed in real time via cell phone in front of a video screen, who needs local video output it? Completion of a monitoring system "change" success, let´s compare results before and after it.
        The volume of the front end of the monitoring camera is not much reduced, compared with a home video camera dome volume comparable; great changes occurred in the transmission medium, the radio cable, but also increase the distance; look in the storage device, "thin"
        The most successful way to store hard disk becomes the SD card and directly embedded in front of the camera, DVR can throw at it!
        Finally come to talk about the display device, based on the above achievements mobile monitoring surveillance system, then monitor display can be completely replaced by mobile phones, 17-inch widescreen mobile phone into a 4-inch screen, although smaller size, but the definition still remains change, monitoring systems slimming program and you´re done. Your home monitoring system is not the thin of it?

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