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  • Home Network Monitoring Selection Guide

        In recent years, the popular smart home led to the development of civil security market, with surveillance camera, for example, mobile monitoring WIFI environment becomes ease. However, the mere impression of the smart home, but not enough to understand the product performance, only when buying real problem ensues.
         How to buy a satisfactory home surveillance camera it? Are considered key product design, function, operation, and so on. However, consumers are often entangled in price and features, very difficult to make a choice on appearance.
         Compact appearance more flexible
         From the product point of view appearance, small to prefer small, lightweight products. Below shows a mainstream home surveillance camera. 105 * 98 * 130MM (inch) design, weight 290 grams, color design, most of the manufacturers are in pursuit of "piano" effect, black or white with vendors LOGO colors blend with the decoration style as much as possible.
         Perspective comes round head
         The surveillance camera PTZ function support most support auto cruise, without the need to manually adjust the premise inspections can be carried out in accordance with the scan line setting. PTZ solid base, spherical ball design, horizontal rotation 320 °, Tilt 120 °, turning to facilitate easy monitoring of broader, more comprehensive, family situation at a glance. Such as the elderly and rest, the interaction of the child with a babysitter, rotating head can be seen clearly.
         720P HD standard
         Home monitoring also be required clarity, although the pursuit of 1080P HD, but 720P basically become a standard, 100 pixel sensor, making the image quality is clear and smooth, easy to capture some of the details. Have a look at the abuse of the baby nanny to see whether the elderly unwell symptoms, clarity must keep up. Meanwhile, the "big eye" lens peripheral light with 16 LED infrared monitoring,12-18 m distance. Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue adjustable, automatic white balance, backlight compensation. Built-in color filter, auto-sensing of environmental change switch shooting modes, dual color filter sheet, ensure that the image is not distorted, not cast, to truly meet the needs of night vision surveillance.
         Iphone, Android mobile monitoring control
         With wifi or 3G network, so that home monitoring a truly mobile. By iPhone, android and other smart phones, you can always access the monitor image. Equipped with special software, gently sweep the two-dimensional code, you can download the factory provides free DDNS dynamic domain name resolution system, without additional application, easy phone monitoring. Master code, sub-code stream simultaneous output of two different devices, such as computers and mobile phones for simultaneous viewing, the real one "core" with three, non-interfering.
         Motion detection alarm tracking
         Support alarm lights, channel lighting, background music for voice, monitor screen, real-time alarm mobile terminal, mobile e-mail message sent, residential property and network alarm center. Automatic capture, as long as the image is changed, it will push the alarm information to the mobile phone, picture e-Mail, FTP upload video, pictures and videos write TF card. Supports four independent screen detection, multi-window viewing, thousands of miles away can vision Octagon.
         Xiaobian Summary: This is a home security that led to the smart home industry, was completely knocked knows this trend in 2014. Smart Home with the fire of home monitoring, but on the equipment you need to buy from a zero base to learn from. By Fu Hong Electronics recently introduced a new h.264 compression format economical IP camera, for home, office. The product of its appearance, narrow bandwidth, high smooth screen function, high stability, much market attention. 100 pixel sensor provides high-quality screen, wireless, PTZ, two-way voice, comes with infrared night vision light. Meet a variety of customer needs.

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