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  • Family-friendly wireless monitoring get much attention

        The main purpose of installing video surveillance at home is to understand the situation of the elderly and children at home, rather than simply to be able to analyze the recorded share based on the detection of the screen, the general care system, which can basically solve the problem:
        1 Under normal circumstances, viewing the home screen, monitor sound at home, to understand the elderly, the children at home activities, the availability of insecurity for timely improvements in the future.
        2 If you find the home for the elderly or children abnormal situation unsafe behavior, you can use the intercom function front of the robot, and the family chat, asked about the situation. If unwell then promptly arrange for medical treatment, the risk may be time to stop the move.
        3 If you find a stranger knocked on the door at home, you can open the door cautiously timely reminder of the family. Even stranger has been found to enter the room up to no good, you can also spot propaganda to deter criminals and timely alarm, notify the district security scene. System while bringing live recording saved. With this system, users can mobilize all forces for the first time to resolve the crisis at home, minimizing the damage. 4 The system can be connected to an alarm system, when it is set alarm occurs, the alarm signal will be promptly sent to the user´s mobile phone.
        5 home screen, users can browse through the smart 3G phone, truly care all the time, anytime, anywhere.
        6. Systems management platform comes, comes domain name, set very convenient. Software can set the recording time or temporary recording according to user needs. When they´re not next to the computer, the screen can be recorded. Users can always adjust the screen housekeeping. When the alarm when the screen can be provided to the police.
        7 users can support 10 people simultaneously watch browsing. The advantage is that when some users can not access the Internet or temporarily not something the computer side, someone has time for the elderly in nursing homes and children.
        In the purchase of home monitoring when we generally consider the following points:
        1, the appearance of integration with home environment
        Existing home video surveillance equipment cold stiff appearance, with "home", the warm words, there are so little jarring visual experience. And mostly bolt, ball machine, can not avoid ceiling installation, you need to punch through walls, assembled trouble. Ideal for home video surveillance equipment, it should be smaller and can readily be placed, as an aspect of home decoration.
        2, IP video monitoring screen clearly.
        With traditional surveillance cameras, home surveillance camera requires not only visible, but also require clearly seen. Home monitoring, mainly for the elderly, children and criminals, most of them choose dispatched a single point, which requires the use of HD IP camera, screen pixels high, viewing clarity.
        3, the mobile IP video monitoring into the mainstream
        Support for mobile IP video monitoring home surveillance camera is the most important demand points. Home monitoring purchased primarily for young people, need to learn to work, no time to do 7 * 24-hour surveillance, but they certainly at least one mobile phone per person, easy to keep abreast of the situation at home, home HD IP camera support mobile IP video monitoring as inevitable.
        4, easy to operate
        Intelligent monitoring, storage, afterwards become evidence in the case, obviously not the pursuit of trendy young people choose to join alarm setting, abnormal situation, you can send MMS to households, email alarm, is a satisfactory product. People on the technical side, certainly not very good at, if the operation is troublesome, who went hard, therefore, how simple, how come.
        Home wireless monitoring bottlenecks encountered, but the potential is great.
        Home wireless video monitoring user demand for video surveillance is relatively simple, mainly in demand for video services and alarm linkage services, the monitoring system latency and storage requirements is not too high. However, due to the huge flow of data and signals, network dependent, families need to deploy a home wireless gateway and wireless IP camera and other factors restricting the development of families and individuals IP video monitoring, so home wireless video surveillance development and promotion of the difficulty is still relatively large, home wireless monitoring applications was still relatively small.
        Comprehensive market reflects domestic home wireless video surveillance business opportunity yet to fully carry out, the difficulties there are two main aspects: cost issues and understanding. With the home network and the mobile network environment continues to improve and enhance the user´s spending power, security awareness, stand-alone residential households increased domestic home monitoring will begin to rise. When thieves invasion, fire or gas leak accident and other conditions, it will send alarm information to the master phone, so that the owner was informed and make timely treatment. 3G home terminal can also be taken in accordance with the instruction under the home screen live video and send to the master phone for future evidence. For high-end home, it has considerable allure. With the falling prices of end products as well as the individual market operators continue to promote further improve the conditions of network technology and related industrial chain, users will be more spontaneous, families and individuals actively monitor business applications, this area will be the civilian market great potential for development.
        Leaving aside the civilian market for home monitoring applications, video surveillance systems on the industry, the future presents five major trends:
        First, technological innovation will eliminate backward production capacity of SMEs
        Video surveillance systems will be "digital, networked, integrated, intelligent" technology direction, from technology trends to see products currently on the market, analog cameras will be replaced by digital cameras, digital video cameras will also be networked, integrated intelligent development, significantly broadening the scope of application of video surveillance, making the business and technology closer together, while increasing levels of enterprise technology, is bound to eliminate those dependent on counterfeiting, piracy SMEs mainstream products.
        Second, large-scale enterprises will help to improve industry standards
        Currently, the domestic video surveillance industry internal system is not perfect, bring a lot of resistance to the development of the industry. In addition, the number of practitioners in the enterprise is ambitious, but mostly SMEs, presented "many and weak," the current situation, coupled with the lack of core technology, resulting in low value-added industry as a whole. However, with many powerful enterprises, the constant breakthroughs in core technologies, further consolidating enterprise market position and competitive advantage, but also will promote such further improve SVAC, ONVIF, PSIA and other companies to form organizations of their own industry standards.
        Third, the domestic industry leading enterprises with the international market
        Domestic video surveillance product development, production levels increased, and more domestic enterprises to participate in international competition will have the strength, overseas sales accounted for will be further enhanced. Meanwhile, domestic enterprises will directly compete with international companies to promote their own domestic companies continued to narrow the gap with international companies in the technology, service, marketing and other aspects of domestic industries and international markets.
        Fourth, equipment manufacturers will optimize the industrial transformation of the business model
        In the video surveillance project, the more security needs, increasing emphasis on technical support system, routine maintenance, and the late update. For end-users´ demand for one-stop ", many equipment manufacturers into the monitoring system to provide customers with total solutions, from traditional equipment manufacturers transition to total solutions provider, business model transformation from a single device to the supply system construction plus operation and maintenance of service model, to further promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure.
        Fifth, intelligence analysis will significantly enhance the value-added industries
        Intelligent video surveillance has become the future trend of development of the industry, can be extracted and real-time video screening, timely early warning monitoring can completely change the traditional "prison" can not "control" the passive state. At present, more and more companies are focusing on the development of technology-based digital signal processing, video analysis algorithms and other core technologies, which will significantly enhance the video surveillance industry added value, enhance the value of improvements to the existing difficulties in the development of the industry bottleneck.

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