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  • Mobile internet how to rewrite traditional security?

        Today, with the gradual deepening of 3G/4G applications, mobile Internet is a drastic rewrite of China´s industrial structure, almost all of the traditional industries are actively exploring new business opportunities in the mobile Internet era, a new model, the security industry is no exception. Then, under the mobile Internet wave, the traditional security industry and the Internet will impact what kind of spark? Turn to the traditional mode mobile Internet security industry, which has brought shock and revelation? How to rewrite the development path of mobile Internet security industry?
        Mobile Internet trend wore on, how security companies occasion transformation?
        Despite the many problems in the transformation of the mobile Internet industry, but to transform the security industry is a significant opportunity and multiple advantage. Mobile Internet is the trend, only the flow of the security industry.
        Mobile Internet transformation of traditional industries, the biggest craze is intelligent hardware, security industry is no different.
        Security companies have inherent advantages
        First, the core of intelligent hardware device is a video application. Intelligent hardware devices as the most fit mobile Internet portal products, including surveillance video data is an important source of big data generated and the most valuable part of the so-called "video with the truth."
        Second, the traditional IP camera, security itself is the most intelligent hardware devices fit a class of devices, based on the IPC architecture can produce a variety of vertical industry application products, such as the current hot HD Car driving recorder, sports DV, home IP camera and so on.
        Third, IPC is the easiest security products for mobile applications inside the product, that is if you want to achieve the mobile Internet transformation of traditional products and industries, it must be based on intelligent hardware + mobile APP for a vertical industry, with the ultimate goal of development intelligent hardware free of charge, through free or low-cost hardware requirements and bring the pure user. The value of the mobile Internet, is that even if it was free hardware can also bring value through numerous APP user, when the number of users reaches a certain progression, which produces the value of the multiplier will show growth.
        Fourth, we must transform the hardware to the client. Just started selling hardware, buy hardware must use the service in order to become a good business model, and this model must be based on the specific needs of certain vertical industries developed.
        Fifth, security development today, IPC prices continue to reduce and gradually into the civilian sectors, which is the product of cross-border security industry has a huge opportunity. If security is still the original security, cost a thousand dollars IPC is unable to do mobile Internet era free basic hardware requirements.
        Sixth, the video is the best security practitioners experience and advantages, which are unmatched by other sectors, because there is no security as diligently as an industry in the research of the video, such as image algorithms, compression algorithms, how to reduce power consumption, reduce costs. So the security industry practitioners via video hardware entry into the mobile Internet is an advantage.
        Seize the opportunity to achieve Internet-based
        Based on this, the traditional security industry is have the advantage of mobile Internet, but the opportunity to be able to find from traditional security need to seize the current situation following four points:
        First, learning and integration capabilities, this is the biggest challenge for security companies, the need for hardware, software and Internet value chain must be familiar with, and only this, it may exist opportunities;
        Second, for now, only a vertical application may have good potential for development, rather than universal, the universalization of take-all behavior, such as smart home opportunities may be relatively large, and there will be marketing on personal devices success, but the lack of long-term value and stickiness; third chance at both ends, one end is the traditional security manufacturing enterprise restructuring, the other end of the Internet company through cooperation of the security industry to transform;
        Fourth, the hardware is just a carrier, hardware sales is only the beginning of a real sales, software and applications is crucial.

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