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  • Airport security building needs and characteristics

        In retrospect, I do not know a coincidence or intentional, after the great crisis, there are always new industry was born to lead and support the economic recovery, development, so as to drive society into a new economic upturn. 20th century, after a series of emerging markets suffered the impact of the financial crisis, the birth of the Internet in this emerging industry. And when one of the best in the history of the repercussions of the financial crisis, when people are deeply concerned about the development of new energy industry, and the emergence of a new term new concept - networking. It is reported that the domestic airport construction funds allocated by the Civil Aviation Authority, the local government-funded, self-airport three parts. Including all levels of government financial direct investment, including platform company loans, business investment, the latter two can be classified as "self" section. Comprehensive Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the information, the scale of investment required for these airports have more than 100 billion yuan mark. Airport security building demand, the popularity of new technology and equipment will take time.
        In the airport terminal, check-in and other areas are relatively large, relatively speaking, if the camera is installed in each region, the number will be a lot, especially into the HD era, back-end storage cost will be high, if the choice of front-end fastball words, there is a blind spot monitoring coverage, so the airport will not be used in all HD cameras. As airport security, all of the monitoring system, alarm system can only play the role of problems found, the real problem is the people, and the key is how the security system to provide accurate information.
        Panoramic camera, can be done relatively large range monitoring. A video camera can manage more areas. For example, a 360-degree area or plane, to capture the behavior of staff, while mounting the camera to look at the face of the region, more human face to capture high-definition images, through the management of this system can do an integrated events and staff rather than ensuring that each camera should see his face clearly.
        It is understood that the important coverage of the city´s airport is already high, the new airport is currently concentrated in the second and third tier cities or western city, the investment budget in these cities will be relatively less; hand, although the airport is located outside of high-end applications industry, but according to the survey show that China currently operates nearly 180 airports, 70% of losses. Industry insiders, our airport security and do not blindly pursue sophisticated technology, but rather from the viewpoint of stability and investment costs, a key point in the terminal part of the point on the high-definition systems such as.
        Current, IP camera has begun sweeping the entire security industry, but it is understood that various airports on the extent of the use of digital systems vary mainly based on the size of the airport building to determine, for the consideration of the costs and difficulty of transformation, the old airport is quite dependent analog products. Reform, expansion of the airport if all of these systems into a digital system, the original is a waste of resources. Most of the new airport currently uses a digital video surveillance system to avoid future waste of simulation systems.
        In addition, thermal imaging technology is also noteworthy technology. Because the light will affect aircraft navigation, therefore, to an airfield lighting at night does not allow any, aircraft navigation lights to use a special navigation, in this case, if there is no thermal imaging cameras, for security, the whole outdoor are blind (near the terminal where there may be light, but the piece away from the terminal enclosures are all blind). So thermal imaging technology is a trend, it can solve the problem overnight monitoring.

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