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  • Things era IP camera counter-attack of the road

        In recent years , with the rapid rise of mobile devices , smartphones strong squeeze out other products on the market share of the news is filled with networks and newspapers. Whether it is a PC, digital cameras , game consoles , or GPS navigator, music player, or even a traditional toys , are all threatened by the deadly increasingly diverse applications of smart phones .
        Compared to 1992, the concept was first demonstrated in Figure smartphone in Las Vegas COMDEX ( communications industry trade shows ) , the surveillance camera from the 1942 launch of the world´s first system to date, although after analog cameras , IP camera and IP network camera three times, from black and white to color , from the ordinary bolt to one machine, constantly evolving , in essence, it is still a wide dynamic range , illumination , resolution, signal to noise ratio , compression standards and other technological advances based on performance. With the recent networking, high-definition , intelligence had become the consensus of the industry , market demand for more diverse , but often still borrow from the systems and platforms to achieve.
        IP surveillance camera in the future go?
        When it encounters a powerful application - this helps smartphones climbed the ladder of the top figures in the field , will probably be a magnificent achievement counter-attack .
        More intelligent networking era
        Smart City , Smart Home , a two-dimensional code , cloud computing ...... In recent years , covering many fields of industry and technology after things as computers, the Internet on behalf of the world´s third wave of the information industry , increasingly integrated into people´s work and life. With the constant influx of strong domestic policies to promote and parties of capital, the networking industry development is a gradual trend in full swing . According to statistics, in 2013 the scale of things networking industry has exceeded 6,000 billion yuan. According to McKinsey (McKinsey) predicts that by 2025, all kinds of things to bring economies of scale may apply more than 10 trillion U.S. dollars .
        Internet of Things concept is based on the extension and expansion of its client to any goods and articles carried the concept of a network for information exchange and communication. Things to expand the application of the Internet itself , but the core of the development of things , is also in the application of innovation . The fundamental driving force of the rapid extension and expansion of people increasingly personalized support and meet the demand for intelligent computing. As computing and communication technology matures, more and more devices and objects will become intelligent , through cloud computing, big data analysis phase connection , brings us to a "all things smart, connected computing" things in the world .
        More applications to build intelligent front-end
        Technical means to connect things and things you want to achieve mutual interconnection of intelligent control, so as to implement better control management needs, the first is the information collection technology. As a core part of the image acquisition , intelligent front-end will also in the " Internet of Things " in the era of things become the driving source for the development of security monitoring . Intelligent IP camera can be built - more features , the use of cloud computing and big data , seamlessly integrate a variety of innovative applications , to ensure the safety of the premise , flexible and efficient to help customers achieve a variety of specific analysis and processing, to build a more efficient, more comprehensive video surveillance solutions , and even create new business may for customers.
        As a result, not only to meet the user demand for video integration , but also to break the limitations of the traditional system, but also reduces costs and simplifies configuration and management , integration with other advanced products and applications at the same time improve system versatility , forming a flexible unified , easy to manage and use the system .
        With the era of development and progress of science and technology in the network video surveillance applications more widely , the demand for more diverse now and in the future , how the times to expand more and more intelligent , more humane application enhance product applicability, streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce management costs, not only is the subject of IP video camera field , will be the whole topic of things related industries .
        Today´s brilliant smartphone may become in the near future in a market saturated with new technologies, new products, the change of the history, but no matter when and where, technological innovation and product generation , always the user needs as the starting point, user experience as the core, to test the market response to the standard golden rule .

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