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  • Surveillance camera development three stages and four trends

        First stage: the late seventies to the mid- nineties . This stage in CCTV surveillance system (CCTV) -based, that is, the first generation of analog television monitoring system. The first generation to VCR (VideoCassetteRecorders) i.e. a video cassette recorder . VCR ( or simply VCR) is equipped with an active video cassette recorders , and it comes with the tape used to record television broadcasts after playing audio and video reserved . In about 2000 , has been basically eliminated, to be replaced by DVD players. Second stage: the mid-nineties to the late nineties , the video surveillance system based on PC -based plug- in , this stage is also known as semi-digital era insiders .
        Its transmission medium is still the video cable. Multimedia control panel or by the host DVR (DVR) digital processing and storage. This multi- phase applications are limited to require a higher degree of safety place . The second generation to DVR (DigitalVideoRecorder) that digital video recorders, cassette and replace traditional hard drives with the use of video, it is often referred to as hard disk recorders.
        Third stage: the late nineties has to rely on embedded technology , network communication technology as a platform to intelligent image analysis featuring network -based video surveillance system , since then, the development of network video surveillance has also entered the digital age.
        Network video surveillance applications are no longer limited to security, has also been used in the field gradually telecommuting , telemedicine , distance learning , etc. To the third generation - network video surveillance systems, also known as IP surveillance system.
        Whether it is added by the analog camera video server security solution consisting of , or separate from the IP camera security solutions composed of , or a mixture of both security solutions , IP surveillance have been proven to be an attractive security solutions. In a growing number of existing industry applications, this revolutionary technology is gradually replacing the traditional monitoring systems , to improve security while also further reduce the cost ; while in many new application areas , it is the first once used , and thus created and inspired many new markets.
        2014 security surveillance camera trends
        Security surveillance camera more and more important in modern society , the development trend of 2014 surveillance camera point of view are the following:
        1 , HD Security
        Compared with the standard definition , whether it is from the resolution , display or fluency , the HD than SD advantage. From the resolution point of view , 720p resolution CIF resolution is 9 times , 1080i/1080p CIF resolution is 20 times the resolution of the display in the same environment , will be much clearer definition . From the display , the HD supports both large-screen display , and support for 16:9 widescreen display , you can greatly enhance the user´s viewing experience. From the fluency of view, HD support higher frame rates , such as 1080i/1080p can support 720p and 60 frames / sec or 60 fields / sec , and its standard-definition images fluency than twice as high . Therefore , high-definition monitor is one of the most mainstream monitoring industry trends , as acquisition front-end , IP surveillance camera HD trend is also moving along .
        2 , intelligent
        Because intelligence is the inevitable trend of the development of digital networks , advance warning so as to achieve real safety. The IP camera will be an ideal platform for hosting intelligent technologies , especially abnormal and objects added intelligent algorithm software is intelligent IP camera IP camera becomes an important direction of development.
        There is no doubt , however , intelligence is an inevitable trend , with the increase in the number of surveillance Imagine dozens, hundreds or even thousands of road way video , 24 hours a day by human eyes staring , unrealistic impossible. How to quickly extract data from a mass of useful information for the user, which is very effective , but also customers eager to be solved, which will also be one of the present and future IP camera product market competition points .
        Because megapixel IP camera can provide more crucial details , which can make a video-based intelligence analysis for greater accuracy , greatly enhance the level of intelligence applications . Its rapid growth in some market segments, such as transportation , related product development and application of intelligent relatively mature , such as road condition analysis , vehicle statistics, license plate recognition, retrograde , press the yellow line , parking violations , including monitoring traffic conditions , as well as violations of capture , have been widely used.
        3,4 G network applications
        IP camera reason than analog cameras is dependent on the 3G network exists . IP camera surveillance is limited and created a wireless network transmission times. Wireless monitoring is also convinced of the advantages of each firm , and has been strongly recommended IP camera to the civilian market . But the network environment is an important reason for the rapid development of IP camera is indeed constrained.
        All along , IP camera has the advantage of better than analog cameras . But the IP camera network problems are emerging, not smooth network security people are so headache . For the whole country , IP camera has not yet opened the explosive situation, mainly because of low transmission 3G network performance , leading IP camera instability, slow transmission , picture quality is not clear. The drawbacks are now 4G network solutions from the source IP camera ´s , 4G can transmit high quality video images and high-definition television will be comparable.
        4 , standardization
        With the monitoring system from analog to digital , from closed towards network , based on open standards to meet the needs of interoperability between devices, systems increasingly urgent. And in the Internet age , engaged in the construction of open standards , to provide users also have the flexibility and scalability of security systems, security companies have been competing to become the local market , globalization choice. As important products of network monitoring , standardization of the road megapixel IP camera has become a necessity.

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