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  • Monitoring system how to ensure ATM safe operation

        With the establishment of China´s socialist market economy, the construction of the rapid development of electronic banking , the number of ATM machines and the increasing popularity of use , ATM machines play a positive role in people´s lives convenient , active aspects of the financial markets. But precisely because ATM machine with ATM functions and the use of unmanned environment , making use of ATM machines criminal cases and disputes continue to increase. How to ensure the safe operation of ATM machines , to prevent and reduce the risk of banks and depositors , use ATM machines to fight crime and protect the interests of banks and depositors , is a serious problem .
        Video surveillance systems how to ensure the safe operation of automated teller machines ?
        Into the wind will be out of smart products up, but intelligent monitoring products into the class is not as propaganda was so marvelous, the most prominent is the " timely detection of an abnormal condition alarm " has become a legend , intelligent monitoring is not smart . The reason is that the intelligent monitoring, need to meet a number of harsh environments and conditions. Such as high-definition camera can not withstand the impact of bad weather , and water jet reflective mirror external factors , resulting video screen suffered damage, impact analysis results , in addition to intelligent monitoring analysis software application easily affected by light and angles , omissions and false positives when accidents occur when criminals wear masks simulation when implementing automated teller ATM crime , video surveillance , intelligent monitoring project can only be illiterate , when that accident occurred after the criminals had fled , while providing video surveillance , looks real criminals are not captured , but also easy to mislead the police solve the case. Excluding the proceeds simulation mask outside , even criminals took shelter materials to theft, detection is not imagined in a timely manner .
        The current ATM ATM surveillance certainly been more popular, but still there are many problems, to solve the case out of frustration afterwards .
        ATMs ATMs as banks are now competing outlets , its security requirements are relatively high, the facts proved , and more from the ATM teller cases have occurred , video surveillance , intelligent monitoring project for the development of ATM teller who played over security escort role to some extent , but followed the technology improved, the modus operandi of criminals refurbished single plane monitored video surveillance technique obviously can not meet the development needs, then ATM ATM surveillance would need to do better , the urgent need to establish a variety of sensors core , backed by three-dimensional video surveillance prevention and control system , multi attack, a combination of the fight against crime .
        HD IP camera installation process should pay attention to what ?
        We have long engaged in the security industry, often receives complaints from customers that there is a problem in our HD surveillance camera, but our engineers have a look , but it was not our product quality problems, but installation problems . Next HD surveillance camera Xiao Bian told you about how to install the needed attention to something.
        1, the position of the camera needs
        Surveillance camera is not a panacea , the choice of installation location on , it also has its own requirements. The first is at the installation location , in order to enable the camera to avoid interference with the surrounding environment, to achieve a better camera and survival effects. When installed in an indoor environment , we want to ensure a high degree of equipment as much as possible not less than 2.5 meters, and in the outdoor environment, we have to monitor the device being in more than half from the ground three meters in height.
        2 , the camera cabling requirements
        For wired transmission of video signals , the signal line and the same transmission power wire to wire rack process is undoubtedly taboo , but can not for the convenience of both construction and will be placed in the same transmission line pipe, at least half a meter separation distance . Only such a plan , in order to better avoid magnetic interference effects for video transmission .
        As for the use of wireless signal transmission equipment , although some of the limitations fewer lines . But the camera itself but also the surrounding avoid magnetic interference sources . While ensuring the camera and insulate the ground . In addition, we also need to avoid the line of work for the head impact and obstacles.
        3 , the demand for lighting environments
        The use of surveillance cameras at night , in order to avoid reflections and shadows , often require lighting, you can use infrared lights to replace ordinary light bulbs. However, the user must use black and white surveillance cameras and network video server monitoring with infrared lighting equipment , because black and white surveillance cameras are more sensitive to infrared light-sensitive , and color infrared surveillance cameras can not play functionality .
        4 , high-performance terminal indispensable
        All along, the bandwidth limitations are a major reason for the expansion of network monitoring difficult . It is also because of this factor , resulting in a polarization of Internet users has long been a strength of the use of self-built network , but not the strength of the user or only to endure the slow transmission , or to find another way out. However, with compression technology continues to improve , and optimize the network environment. Network monitoring is also becoming increasingly better living environment together .
        How to install indoor and outdoor surveillance camera    

        Through the above analysis , in the case of the built environment , and agreed to recommend the preferred outdoor installation , import, and do outdoor lighting at night .
        Outdoor installation: outdoor column installed surveillance cameras connected to the carrier, using the front camera or HD surveillance camera captured images side door . This approach has gradually been accepted and adopted , and obtain better imaging results. Strengths of this approach is adequate natural light ambient light during the day outdoors person ´s face , the face image is true, structured, humane characteristics that can shoot more details. Single import ambient lighting at night , in the light of the circumstances surrounding environment can be fully contented night portrait . According to this arrangement , the premise under ambient light illumination at night , you can select or general illumination surveillance camera surveillance camera. The disadvantage is that this type of installation , landscape installation location restrictions , wiring a little trouble , some projects need to involve cutting the road , you need to consider the outdoor landscape environment. Some buildings subject to environmental constraints can import this way.
        Interior installation : The most traditional way is building a surveillance camera mounted on imports indoors . Strengths of this approach is to install the optional monitoring direction ( uniform building consistency and monitoring should be considered closed direction , to ensure that no one can enter the front door of the building left facial image ) . In this way not only easy to install , simple wiring , maintenance convenient. Important to note that the choice of location surveillance camera and outdoor lighting , consider the impact of surveillance cameras . If the field looking to install surveillance cameras to the outside , will have to choose Auto iris , BLC stronger surveillance cameras . Imports under complex lighting premise will have to use wide dynamic camera , light restrain surveillance camera, or even increase supplement lighting.

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