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  • Home IP camera classification and choose

        Children represent the hope of a family , every parent should do their duty to look after their children , many parents or caregivers will have a chance, feel the tragedy will not happen to them , but this is often left to chance that led to the tragedy. So, do not easily let children out of their sight , otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Good security measures to enhance care, in order to prevent the occurrence of such events . Home IP camera lets your child can not escape your attention.
        Home IP camera for home and other civilian users designed network monitoring solution , but also the traditional IP camera and cloud networking technology combined with a new generation of products. It uses network technology to video, audio, and alarm monitoring systems together, through processing server will be saved and sent to other useful information data terminals, such as mobile phones , ipad, computer and so on. For families with children at home , the choice to install surveillance cameras to make themselves always concerned about their child´s condition , this is a very good choice for parents at home.
        Although the concept of civil security has been an increasing number of people are familiar with , especially the giant companies , adding to the more uncertain prospect of civil security , but popularity among ordinary people but it is not enough, compared to the United States 70% of households will be installed IP camera, the country ´s late start to the many, many people do not know there is such a product can be installed in the home used for child care for the elderly . The Home IP camera what type ? How to select only the most reasonable ?
        Home IP camera classification
        1, wireless IP camera
        wireless IP camera and wireless router needs to work with the wireless router requires the ability to on the Internet.
        The advantage of using WIFI or 3G wifi IP camera ´s : no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient , Internet costs are lower. Such Home IP camera market trends and mainstream.
        Currently the market better wireless IP camera has Apexis developed Home IP camera series. Apexis Home IP camera series is designed for home and small office environments , shops , etc. designed IP camera. Unlike the IP camera, no need to connect the computer to operate independently , the user can use the browser from anywhere via a network to monitor real-time video , and support via handheld devices ( such as: mobile phone , PDA ... etc ) real-time monitoring , greatly increasing the user´s convenience. Also, it comes with the mobile video surveillance alarm system integrates mobile phones and mobile phone anti-theft alarm monitoring two systems , when the officers broke into the restricted zone is illegal , the server the first time to a specified user email! When the user receives the message can be the first time using a mobile phone or a computer monitor to view the picture area .
        2 , wired IP camera
        Wired IP camera directly plugged into the network port or router can access the Internet will be able to work properly. The advantages of using a wired IP camera : the technology is mature, industrial IP camera technology directly ported over, afraid signal interference, stable and reliable , relatively low cost Internet .
        Disadvantages : Installation complex and require wiring , can only be accessed through a computer , using a limited range , is not suitable for the modern family.
        Home IP camera to buy a few key points of
        1 , stable quality
        As the saying goes : . " Afraid of ten thousand , afraid of the event ," You put on a monitor , 364 a year to fill the normal operation , if , on that day, your monitor due to objective external reasons, such as line instability, insufficient voltage etc., and cause failure . These problems may lead to you not been able to see the child´s condition , so choose the right quality products is very important.
        2 , humanized operation
        Secondly , a simple operating system and mode of operation can be users of all ages . Far away from mass consumer security products , a large part of the reason is because of its professional, highly technical and complicated to operate . Buy a home everyday things , of course, the more fool operation as simple as possible . Although security products than those high-tech products , but also has some high-tech structure , when you buy the product , be sure to pay attention to the product ´s operation, try to choose a convenient , user-friendly products . Lest buy back, loaded it , do not use it on vain.
        3 , the degree of adaptation to the environment
        Ability to effectively resist all kinds of environmental interference , not due to various disturbances , which cause the device to malfunction , which is also very important.
        4 , reasonable price
        Although now a general increase in living standards , but for the majority of people, the reasonable price or civilian monitoring market price must be valued that home monitoring equipment should be thousands less.

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