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  • HD IP camera technology trends and buy

        Due to the wide application of HD IP camera , people gradually increase demand for monitoring , so that the digital security monitoring , network development direction more clear and precise . Such changes in the security market , for many users, the benefits are : to experience a sense of close monitoring of the front-end client and manipulation . Today, security technology , networking and cloud computing technologies combine three technologies will better guide the development of the security industry.
        Chinese surveillance market monitoring market developments in the development process , network monitoring is not meat and potatoes of the beginning , mainly because , compared with the transmission of analog products , network monitoring technology advantage is not obvious. To use the network video surveillance win the market, we must develop high technology and address the limitations of their development problems. IP camera technology in recent years due to the reserve and network facilities in perfect high definition IP camera are significantly improved.
        HD IP camera for future technology trends
        1, COMS CCD gradually replaced
        CMOS sensor response speed faster than CCD , CMOS sensor performance is being improved rapidly. Therefore more suitable for high-definition monitor features a large amount of data .
        2 , and constantly improve the resolution
        IP camera on the market has a 1.3 megapixel resolution , 2.0 megapixel , 3 million pixels to 500 million pixels , 800 million pixels , even as millions of pixels of products have begun to emerge . So people are getting higher and higher resolution requirements .
        3 , standardization
        Whether standard ONVIF or PSIA, are self-organized enterprise formation . The next few years , standardization will become HD network camera to the market permits.
        4, ISP is encoded chip
        By integrating the ISP, not only can significantly reduce system costs , but also significantly enhance the stability of the video, optimized video performance in optical aspects . This is to enhance the image quality HD IP camera has its important role.
        5 , more practical intelligence analysis function
        Already achieved in HD IP camera or are implemented in intelligence analysis functions: video block with video loss detection, video change detection , video blur detection, video motion detection, people counting entrance , the crowd movement and congestion identification, items left behind identification , intrusion identification and so on. These features seem intelligent analysis than in the past to be " inferior " much , but it is more practical.
        Smart HD cameras problems encountered in the development of
        Today, China ´s intelligent HD IP camera is now in the early stages of development , the following questions Smart HD cameras encountered at this stage in the development , conduct analysis .
        One problem: In terms of product range and supporting
        Complete the application and popularization of high-definition cameras and smart camera series and their related facilities , to meet the needs of different projects , the introduction of a variety of features and a full range of varieties of digital video cameras, cameras must master the key technology that auto exposure, auto white balance, auto focus.
        Intelligent high-definition monitor backend equipment PDVR ( or NVR), mixing traditional DVR DVR geometric past a lot of high technical threshold , requiring higher and higher resolution VGA output decoding and processing performance than traditional DVR hardware structure a lot of complexity , and therefore only a small part of the domestic manufacturers can successfully make the DVR smart HD back-end video equipment .
        Second problem: Price
        Prices, some domestic companies to master the core technology of digital high definition video camera , a digital high-definition camcorder domestic prices than before to buy cheaper foreign agents . The current price is already getting HD cameras approaching traditional analog cameras , so that more users can afford smart HD .
        Some high -end intelligent monitoring project usually requires the TV wall, high on the wall instead of using smart or conventional matrix decoder card and decoder box , which requires a dedicated smart HD decoding device on the wall . Due to the current high -definition LCD monitor resolution generally 1080P, therefore, an urgent need for front-end video display and video equipment to match , allow parties to play to the best value HD monitor , otherwise also the traditional D1, it would be greatly wasted HD LCD monitor HD effect. In the lens, optional smart HD camera space is too small , and the price is more expensive, but also affects the rapid adoption of smart HD .
        Countries are vigorously promoting the use and development of networking technology , the basic idea is "connected , Experience China" , which is " the perception of a more comprehensive and thorough , more comprehensive interoperability, smarter decisions ." Video and its direct access to the Internet HD IP camera, will in things , the next generation of Internet applications play a more ambitious role.
        Optional camera facing confusion
        For us , what is best for our products? Current HD IP camera in what circumstances are more clearly better? Here, we help you pick through the following discussion unravel when HD IP camera confused.
        1 , clear or not, the most important practical
        In high-definition video camera , when we choose to clear their needs is the most important preparations. At the moment, the camera has to have a high imaging capability . So , unless you need a very special monitoring capabilities ( such as in the field of intelligent transportation , financial institutions , etc. ) , otherwise an ordinary HD IP camera is sufficient to meet the daily needs of security monitoring work. In addition to the high imaging configuration wasteful and does not bring more convenience will monitor the work .
        2 , image quality, many consider
        Performance, positive or high-definition picture quality from the camera for evaluation . If and when you are sure some will need a high-definition cameras to meet the demands of your job , then . So in the selection process , you need to pay attention to the camera resolution ( dynamic and static ) , color reproduction , etc. in different states. There is a different object in the shooting case , the picture quality is still able to keep the same clarity and stability. For the image quality of a surveillance camera , the horizontal resolution is just one of the main reference areas . WDR , automatic white balance, digital noise reduction , automatic metering compensation , etc. have a deep impact on imaging quality security cameras. In the bright and dark make changes in the transition region is a natural , wide dynamic ability to automatically adjust the details of the observed effects are clear illumination and under the influence of noise and so on. Are to a large extent reflects the level of high-definition cameras.
        3 , HD effects, casting multiple factors , the most important overall solution
        In fact , high-definition camera work in addition to complex high-tech investment in the machine itself , supporting facilities is also an important reference for the quality of the image quality factors . Such as surveillance camera adjustment method is perfect, whether rich menu functions , as well as installation and commissioning process of matching lens , etc., will largely determine the quality and clarity of the screen. In addition, the transmission line signal transmission meets the needs of high-definition video camera , the terminal pass compression coupling device is capable of extracting high-quality work done, but also affect the quality of work is good or bad HD camcorder .
        So, to achieve the effect of high-definition monitors , not only about the need for a simple HD IP camera itself can be done , but by security cameras , the surrounding environment , equipment , and many other factors which cast . Therefore, before the selection of high-definition cameras , in addition to surveillance camera itself , some more concern for the environment , I am afraid that you will be more rewarding than expected .

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