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  • Home video camera equipped with Android system

        If you think the same road on the home surveillance camera and shoot specialized license plate camera , then you are wrong. While both products are called surveillance camera, its function and effect is very different . How to give a clearer home surveillance camera , intuitive definition ?
        Re- defined to home surveillance camera inspired by a friend , he said, to distinguish between traditional cameras and household products should be closer to the point of life, every day constantly talks about the monitor , we can only say that the more it head on ( mounted on the ceiling of surveillance camera) equipment classified as a class . But that really true?
        Home video camera equipped with Android
        Home surveillance camera with the traditional industrial applications ( for example in the transport sector ) camera is very different. Among them, the biggest difference is that the home video camera (camera ) to support mobile phones, tablets and other mobile end remote monitoring ; controlled cameras on intelligent terminals, no doubt is equivalent to planting入安卓camera system, I do not know whether this understanding is more intuitive.
        Indeed, nearly two years on the market to promote home surveillance camera view, support intelligent mobile terminal monitoring has become a "must have" feature , advantage is simple, real-time monitoring to meet the needs of general consumers . Another difference is that in the course of the camera simply by a user name and password , is not restricted to a particular phone.
        If you´re using a Samsung phone ( Android ) and an iPad (IOS System ) , remote control cameras are not contradictory. On both devices to download the corresponding APP software, can simultaneously log viewing. Thus it is not more convenient ? Do not have to worry about the family ´s phones use different operating systems can not be remote video , world zero hinder network.
        Multiple functions full touch screen operation
        Since the camera is completely attached to the mobile client , then the actual operation and how to achieve it ? General home security camera with monitor , monitor , alarm these three functions. To monitor , users can phone home screen to view real-time images , the phone can also get a larger horizontal straight , clearer images.
        360 PTZ control
        Multi-angle front camera supports PTZ control, on the phone side is even more simple. No instructions direction , just slide the phone a few times on the screen , up, down , left and right to adjust the lens. Without any indication , the phone screen is your " remote control board ."
        Alarm information push
        Home IP camera is the all-in- one devices , video surveillance is the most basic function of alarm more humane . If the mobile terminal using the phone numbers registered when an alarm is triggered , the system will automatically send push message to the phone . In this way the user does not make APP work in the background mode, off-line mode can also push the alarm information via Android , IOS platform.
        Network is a home -based camera
        Home -based camera, without any network operation can be achieved. But the biggest feature is also home monitoring is to support the transmission of wireless networks, network into the industry , but also lost many network operators to exert some pressure.
        FTTH , triple play, which is the security industry in 2010 often talk about the topic, it is simply that the promotion of network monitoring , we must reinforce the light or large broadband network infrastructure . Now almost everyone have access to fiber , 20M, 10M fully meet the monitoring and daily entertainment needs.
        IP surveillance camera is more mainstream products currently on the market , of course, some also upgrade road monitoring equipment into the network device . But the practical application point of view, road monitoring is still a " public facility" does not require the monitoring system embedded入安卓system, running on a mobile terminal . I am afraid that in the future this may not happen .
        All in all, about home surveillance camera that you can understand it as a handheld control device , although it is a separate hardware products, but connected through mobile software it seemed like a duck in a networked environment , ease ah. Monitoring is no longer a cold products, activities in Android , IOS system , the camera closer to life .

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