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  • Home monitoring needs to improve the user experience

        In recent years , accelerate and improve the living standards of the rhythm of life , making the demand for the safety of people become more eager , more and more video surveillance products to be applied to the average home, which for the development of enterprises to provide a good market environment. According to the survey found , Apexis video surveillance and some other well-known companies have launched a number of home surveillance camera products , in order to grab more market share in the civil .
        Status: The market is small but has great potential
        What is a home monitoring ? Widespread view that home monitoring refers to the use of network technology will be installed inside the home video, audio , and alarm monitoring systems linked through process control computer will be sent to other useful information stored data terminals, such as mobile phones , laptops, 110 center.
        In recent years, with the popularity of the improvement of people ´s living standards and network security awareness is growing in popularity. Especially in recent years the development of information technology to improve people´s living environment and promote awareness of people on home security to an unprecedented strengthening. Home monitoring , with a seamless compatibility with the IP network technology and remote real-time video processing capabilities and other network applications provided appeared they received a majority of home monitoring by consumers , currently home IP camera products is growing at an annual 20% growth rate , the market demand unlimited.
        However , it is worth mentioning that , from the current developments in the country to monitor the entire family , the home monitoring market share it is people can not bear to look . At present, China ´s share of the domestic market share of home monitoring products share is almost less than 1 %. And do not look at the data is correct, at least show the home monitoring market share of the domestic shortage of facts.
        Now, with the rapid development of family information , user demand for home security performance of increasingly strong , home security camera will maintain a rapid development. However , based on 3G video surveillance is also testing and trial , and home video surveillance because of the huge data and signal flow dependence on the network , you need to deploy home gateway and home video cameras , making it difficult to increase the development and promotion . Thus The end result is that the current major application in the area of video surveillance and home industries closely , very few applications for home monitoring .
        Network vulnerabilities , false positives and store into a development bottleneck
        In recent years, with the continuous advancement of video surveillance technology , video surveillance has been towards the definition , intelligent, networked . However, everything has its two sides, in video surveillance continues to progress to bring convenience, but also brought a series of problems. The existence of these problems have gradually become a bottleneck restricting the development of home monitoring .
        For example, in terms of network vulnerabilities , March 27 , CCTV news online public exposure of a hacker major brands IP camera loopholes and cracking software , easy to control someone else ´s home IP camera. Apart from the control of the hacker also turn on the camcorder , the user ´s every move in life filmed on a network "live ." After the incident came to light only in the "CCTV News" microblogging account will lead to more than 1,600 people to forward messages . It is understood that the reasons for network monitoring systems are a variety of attacks , some of the loopholes in the monitoring device itself , while others are connected to the Internet after the harm caused . But for whatever reason , have shown a home network monitoring potential threats. Result, many home users for home network monitoring products prohibitive.
        Second, the false positives , the current rate of false positives most video alarm products reach more than 90% of its users by scrambling and eventually abandoned. Therefore , after the return to substantially phase modulation recording . Finally , storage, with the advent of high-definition era , home monitoring of quality has also been improved, the picture clear for ordinary users , the clearer the picture is certainly more popular , but there need to be realistic to consider that a contradiction high resolution large screen data brought large storage problems.
        Urgent need to improve the user experience
        According to authoritative statistics , in 2012 the global market surveillance equipment shipments of up to 90 million units, which accounted for 9.9% of IPC , while in 2013 , the higher the ratio. Thanks from analog video surveillance market surveillance, digital surveillance network to monitor the success of the transition phase of rapid expansion and the resulting civilian security market . Currently IP surveillance camera on a dazzling array of products on the market , but the user experience ubiquitous three disadvantages : First, the exchange of visits between different network operators is very slow, not even remotely browse view . For example , telecommunications users IPcamera via Mobile, China Unicom 3G view , very smooth or video can not be viewed , giving users a great deal of inconvenience ; Second, the user can not truly "zero setting " use , the average user to log into the device , corresponding to the device network settings you can use the rear ; three is widespread , "the hard light, soft ," the industry , end-user experience is poor, inconvenient and complicated to operate other shortcomings affect sales of customer loyalty. User experience on the market has become more obvious influence , many manufacturers are struggling to cope with user comments and complaints from around the world every day , seriously shackles of corporate and product expansion pace. Enterprise development and expand sales must rely enhance the user experience , which has become the consensus of domestic and international security vendors.
        Unlike home monitoring of buildings and other large spaces need financial monitoring, it is mainly for private residential surveillance , with strong privacy. I think that we can not simply call it home monitoring , with the further popularization of 3G mobile phones , mobile phone becomes one of the best wireless terminal business platform, people can phone for home remote monitoring, remote monitoring and this is basically by definition monitor to achieve. People can help by laptop wired or wireless access network that supports wired and wireless home-based IP camera models will assume home care , shop inspections and other functions , making high-definition surveillance technology further into the home user , this is a smart home integration a manifestation of development. Future ´ home monitoring ´ is likely to be integrated into the smart home products ranks, becoming an important part of the intelligent home . This is the ´ home monitoring ´ is one of the important increase reflects the user experience.

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