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  • Smart home platform development into the mainstream

        Development of domestic smart home behind 30 years
        As the saying goes , three generations of SLR poor , hifi ruined his life , apparently did not pocket the money that you must not play at these two things . The real enthusiasts not only love the product , more importantly have sufficient financial strength to "play " device. Burn is not only these two products , the current popularity of smart home products is also a "bottomless pit ."
        Speaking of smart home , we can think of nothing more than a smart hardware devices lamp , curtains, appliances, security systems, intelligent systems can operate . In fact, the real smart home is not the case , how interoperability between hardware devices ? How to become a smart phone mobile control terminal , where wiring , communications, automatic control system everything indispensable.
        Build a smart home not only provides traditional residential function , it is to build a set of intelligent devices on an old house structure , to create a more comfortable, safe and convenient living space.
        Smart home concept and construction cases originated in the United States , about 30 years of development history. The rise of domestic smart home concept is nothing but a nearly two things , as a mature product , which the manufacturer has probably not yet dare to boldly say he ´s the most perfect product .
        Universal time intelligent home and abroad are far away , and the pattern is different. Perhaps a higher penetration of foreign Home IP camera products , many smart devices into smart home system then the tide . Platform- based applications , the different elements , different functions integrated into the product on the same platform .
        Smart Home platform to develop into the mainstream
        Domestic market to develop smart home seems to be more "independent" , many companies will focus on targeting the intelligent routing to the core router , supporting application software implanted in television , monitor, and lighting systems, remote control via mobile phone in the can .
        Two different development model smart home , although some identical , but there are still many practical point of view the difference . First, relying on the platform for the development of smart home can be integrated more powerful follow uniform standards, any product can be integrated into the platform ; many domestic Internet companies have launched intelligent routing , and strive to turn into the smart home field, which fly it?
        In fact , the concept is nothing more than the development of intelligent routing products integrated into one platform , but in accordance with the existing smart home development model , and ultimately integrated but still " own " products. And some appliance manufacturers and hardware as a starting point , first launched X-Home Series of smart home products , as to how the lamp , monitoring and other integrated together, which no one knows .
        From the current large domestic market, most vendors or products into the hardware development, in order to "sell something is a " principle is indeed profitable , but that is not conducive to the subsequent development of smart home systems. After all, this is only for the existing platform exclusive appliances, too self- selective consumer , and can be integrated is also limited. No core platform , what is there to compete ?
        All in all, if the smart home has been premised on hardware development , which will be a "burn" of the project, along with the pursuit of high-end consumer products now , play smart appliances will also go under the banner high price line ; platform as if to pre- conditions , unified standards, or a route entry also some drawbacks, if more integrated through open source hardware has become a breakthrough in smart home .

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