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  • POE technology application and development in the security industry

        For the terminal , the need to consider taking indoor mains electricity problem , as long as the power supply can be easily achieved through a standard RJ45 interface to achieve lower costs , simplified controls and easy wiring project. This article will POE standard for specific applications and related industries in the current case , to examine the technical development and application of POE in the security and other related issues in together .
        PoE technology standards and the scope of
        PoE (Power over Ethernet, Power over Ethernet ) is a LAN technology , the 10Base2, 10Base5, 10BaseF, 10BaseT, 10Broad36 100 BaseT, 100BaseT4 and 100BaseX other standard powered devices via twisted pair to provide DC power , can effectively solve centralized power supply IP phones, wireless AP, security cameras and other terminals , has been widely used in the enterprise and industry.
        POE technical standards embodied in and IEEE802.3at. IEEE802.3af standard in June 2003 and amended by the leading Cisco Ethernet "IEEE802.3af standard Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection (CSMA / CD) MAC protocol and physical layer specifications " powered committee released ( corrected version " by the media associated interface (MDI) to the power supply terminal equipment DTE"). In the market, the application process , there has been a higher power IEEE802.3at standards.
        802.3af most typical application is in accord with the voltage of 12V, 12W or less power IP camera. According to the current IP camera interface can be divided into two: one has use of POE interface module , this module is not used another , but both can resolve this issue by POE switches. The former can be used directly POE switch , which can use the splitter cable at the terminal will be divided into POE switches and voltage signals , indirectly used in the camera , a better solution to this problem. A splitter is a transition in a solution, but with lower cost POE module , and the technology is mature, will be replaced by the latter to the former.
        In addition, as the market continues to expand the range of applications, higher power standards are developed, such as PTZ IP cameras power of 30W, laptop power about 80W, have higher power standards , can make the terminal the use of more convenient and lower cost.
        Increased security industry applications , POE prospects
        In recent years, the market share of IP video camera with POE interface in rapid growth , the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai World Expo , as well as the gradual deepening of the "Green City " construction , IP camera position in the market will also be more to be higher. According to statistics, from 2005 to 2009 IP camera market to grow exponentially , to June 2010 , the number has increased tenfold . IP camera market currently accounts for only about 3% of the camera , the industry estimates that by 2015 IP camera market share is expected to reach 50 %. If the IP camera share increases, the proportion of use POE switch will also increase, within three years, the Chinese market will reach three hundred million yuan POE .
        POE standard products using unique IP camera on the security industry representative , its easy installation , simple configuration, simple network structure, good image quality and other characteristics, is gradually being recognized by the market , and therefore have the potential of rapid growth, should cause the camera height industry professionals concerned .
        POE range of applications
        Overall , POE range of applications mainly from low- power and high -power two perspectives .
        1, low -power applications.
        Wireless AP, IP phones, IP network cameras, IP-based end products , which generally does not exceed the power needs of 12W, which is currently the most important application areas PoE switch .
        By deploying PoE technology to solve the wireless AP is difficult in the ceiling plenum supply issues , IP phone power problems due to infrequent events , IP camera need to get the power supply problems from the outside. And by PoE switch itself QoS, VLAN, ACL and other functions , to meet network priority assignment , delay , jitter, security, data isolation requirements.
        2 , high-power applications.
        In addition to traditional applications , PoE switch security, building control , retail, entertainment and RFID and other emerging markets have larger applications , such as PoE smoke detectors , POS machine information terminals , PTZ cameras , and even WiMax base stations. By supporting the IEEE standard and the draft IEEE 802.3at 802.3af, PoE switch port can support a greater power , greater prospects.
        POE advantage in security applications
        Simply put , POE power supply has the following advantages :
        · POE only need to install and support a cable , simple and space-saving , and the device can be moved ;
        · Cost savings, many live equipment , such as video surveillance cameras , to be installed in places difficult to deploy AC power supply , POE it is no longer the need for expensive power supply and time-consuming to install , saving cost and time ;
        · The same as data transmission , POE by using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor and control the device ;
        · POE powered end devices only need to supply power to the device , and only need to connect a powered device , the Ethernet cable will have a voltage is present , thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line ;
        · A single UPS can provide power to all devices in the power outage ;
        · Users can automatically and safely mix legacy devices and POE devices on the network , these devices can coexist with existing Ethernet cable ;
        · Enables network equipment to facilitate the management , remote device when connected to the network can be remotely controlled reconfiguration or reset ;
        · In the wireless LAN , POE can simplify RF test tasks, the access point can be easily moved and access .
        Back to the field of security , POE modular product ( What specifically referring ? What product forms ? Name a few ) are mainly to simplify wiring , energy saving and flexible, safe and convenient three major advantages.
        First, in addition to providing support for the universal power supply connected equipment outside , POE module reduces the total cost of deploying integrated into a unified IP infrastructure in the power equipment. POE module eliminates the need to install terminal equipment connected to wall power , thereby reducing the power outlet and support costs related to terminal equipment .
        Second, install network-connected devices in the local AC power deployment more difficult places , thus providing greater flexibility. POE powered modules with support for power recognition circuit functions when using the UPS power supply , energy reflected more obvious advantages .
        Third , when the intruder drag an object , it can prevent the situation caused by a short circuit surveillance cameras do not work , the use of PoE technology uninterruptible power system (UPS) security is much higher, once the massive power failure occurs, it security can ensure a long time . In the routing process , to reduce interference between signals . In addition to the camera , thanks to PoE technology , access control systems, radio frequency identification tracking (RFID), biometrics, fire detectors and other security equipment markets are expanding. Many access control equipment providers now serves a variety of PoE technology -based identification , controller and rapid response locks , etc. products.
        POE switch specific applications in the security industry
        POE applications in different types of projects
        · Miniaturization security application : the use of fiber optic transceivers to interface with POE POE IP camera powered instance , the computer management and control of remote data transmission , can be more long-distance high-speed data transmission ;
        · Medium Security Project application : If a Safe City project applications in Zhejiang , the project needs to be implemented by the room -to-end network management and control of the camera . POE IP camera in the fiber optic transceiver 180 meters away from the office phase, single-fiber single-mode fiber-optic signal at 15 kilometers and rack-mounted transceiver is connected to the signal via fiber optical port with access to the Fast entry POE switch , and then to the computer and other equipment room control center , which is relatively simple to solve the problem of high-definition video applications ;
        · Close together project application : If ( within 250 meters ) POE + LRE extend the technology portfolio of applications. A video camera is powered POE port , not via a separator achieved. The POE technology beyond traditional 100 meters , 250 meters can be achieved from the power supply .
        From the above three specific application point of view, the POE technology to security projects, wiring is simple , can significantly reduce the amount of manual installation process , and never short distance of several hundred meters to tens of kilometers , can match the long term , reduce wiring costs.
        Digital-analog mixed
        Since the analog and digital technology have length , it Can the two coexist , mixed-use analog technology and POE technology ? This is a sound emerged recently in the security industry .
        Contractors when it comes to the wiring process , will consider the degree of difficulty and cost of engineering problems. From the current point of view , the use of simulation technology in the most mature , high security device itself , when combined with digital signal , you can combine both advantages and disadvantages , so that the two lower cost . For example, in a large project, does not require that all programs are in high definition or digital solutions , using POE modular design of monitoring at key locations , choose traditional analog solutions in the rest of the project, which can be targeted more effectively to reduce costs . During the transition period , the number of mixed -mode is a compromise choice.
        POE resistance and difficulties
        POE development affected by environmental , social science and technology , industry and many other factors , such as the network , so it will not be the development trend of a single straight line.
        First, development is difficult . Current size of POE technology is still relatively small , with the traditional BNC interface device compared to the much more complex , POE in hardware and software , there are still many technical problems , requires a lot of investment and the market test. Such as remote port access control software program is mature , stable hardware chips are so interconnected and shared peripheral equipment also requires a lot of technical accumulation and experience , networking is also a test of the program engineers .
        Second, the technology is imperfect . POE switch interface technology is not yet perfect, there is still a power loss and overload power allocation unreasonable aspects need to be further tackled . Network data security need to plan ahead , to strengthen research safety.
        Third, part of the standard has not been established . Ethernet Commission is currently formulating a standard 802.3af power in 15W or less , but the actual application process requires more powerful terminals, such as those containing full head , zoom camera , high-power , high-speed dome camera and so on. Standards Committee is expected to release this year, the new standard will further improve the supply capacity of the channel will be increased from the current 12.95W power to 30W, which will also expand the scope of application of POE and then the field of security .
        Fourth, the large initial investment , there is a certain risk. Accumulation and application of technology, the re- arrangement of the production line , program development requires large capital investment. In the market is not the case , the input and output uncertainty , there is a certain level of technical constraints , many investors are more cautious when entering .
        Application of new technologies will not be smooth , the industry needs to work together . Overall , POE applications despite resistance, but the opportunities outweigh the challenges. Gradually improved and in-depth technical aspects , but also increasingly broad range of applications . Every change to the technology industry will bring tremendous change, change means opportunity.

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