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        Scientific advances in the development of the Internet industry , the quality of people´s lives change , and some are very positive about the Internet giant consumer market, home security , smart home industry is this rising star. Since Google ´s $ 3.2 billion acquisition of smart home Big Nest, the smart home industry will completely into the spotlight , many industry and non- industry companies have followed suit , joined the household -level consumer market battle . Apexis also improve the basic network cameras and NVR products on the development of a set of smart home products , received widespread attention .
        Open the Smart Home Smart Living
        The so-called smart home is intelligent home , in accordance with the user preset mode , orderly conduct of everyday life . For example, by controlling the terminal , people can preset your favorite TV channels , curtains opened and closed at a preset time , the water heater can control home from work to home, you can enjoy a comfortable bath .
        The application of smart home products , not only to enhance the quality of life of the people , it is saving a good helper. Smart home products can help users save energy, according to each user ´s habits, customized daily living and living arrangements , allowing users every day full of freshness , always enjoying life changing technology brings .
        Application of smart home products, but also changed the traditional pattern of a single job home , will create centralized , unified home life experience , each household decoration is no longer a single individual, all the information will also be focused on the home show in every in front of users , rather than as in the past as only a single presentation of information , the user is very difficult to co-ordinate uniform .
        Life Festival Minato accelerated , so that life in the domestic first-tier cities gradually decreased memory of people , and as the weather gets warmer, forget the increasing phenomenon of doors and windows shut , causing significant theft incidents . But one by one and then go home inspection to confirm obviously impractical , and the application of smart home devices become a best solution to solve this problem , users simply open the phone in the process, all information on the state of the family will be present in your hands.
        Prices battle started
        Smart home industry is still in the " testing the waters " phase, many businesses still keep trying , though some businesses launched a smart home -related products, but the integration of the product is relatively low , far short of the kind of media coverage in the smart state. Smart home industry and the lack of uniform standards , each product compatibility problems for users to buy more difficult.
        The current market price of smart home devices , consumers still purchase threshold, due to the rise of the smart home industry of late , the market in the sale of smart home equipment prices are generally high , as the average consumer is difficult to accept , the user purchasing power away did not reach this level , but with the advancement of technology, smart home products will lead to cost reductions molding . By then, every consumer can enjoy intelligent life.
        But everlasting evolution tell you that " natural selection , survival of the fittest " , in that case more businesses value the smart home market, competition will inevitably , it covers not only technically competitive , more is the price of the product shopping between . In the security market, the maturity of the security industry products resulted in increased competition in the industry now , many manufacturers also develop their own blue ocean of security such as: civil security market, reducing price competition as a potential pressure to bring their own .
        Service is every business ´s soft power
        Products as a merchant hard power , soft power is in each serving businesses , particularly in the ordinary consumer products for end users , service directly affects the brand position in the eyes of users . Because of the lack of ordinary consumers in professional skills , a lot of demand for aftermarket manufacturers rely more on power, and whether to force the merchant service , will also affect customer loyalty to their products .
        User loyalty products directly affect sales of business products , will also depend on the old secondary consumer users can achieve this goal, and the user´s word of mouth publicity for the product also has great significance , mouth to mouth among consumers is far greater in any form of advertising , and promotion of the most direct user reputation is the quality of service .
        Data shows that the smart home is expected in 2020 will form a $ 37 billion market, a huge market, and such a large market will also attract many manufacturers to join, price competition is inevitable, but how to enhance the company´s service reputation , will also determine business position in the hearts of those sales .

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