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  • Home monitoring and anti-theft devices rise

        Security issues have been of concern, people living section Minato accelerated and rising living standards, promote people more secure key change , especially in recent years, civil security market, "popular " , home security alarm equipment getting into the consumer ´s home, also let more and more businesses see hope , have joined the battle to defend the security of this family .
        Home monitoring and anti-theft devices have rise
        The first is the traditional security vendors transformation, changing from commercial projects monitoring equipment to the home IP camera, the main " family card " in providing home monitoring at the same time , pay more attention to the interaction problem with the home for the elderly , children , and through popular mobile terminal phone , tablet and other devices , real-time interaction with parents, children, narrowing the distance between loved ones .
        Some IT and Internet companies are also very optimistic about the civil security market , also introduced a number of associated civilian security products , focusing on home security and home equipment interconnection, pay more attention to improve the quality of family life , so that people enjoy modern life , through its own Internet Advantage create intelligent home life systems.
        The home security devices are also increasingly into the spotlight , small doors and door magnetic detector , large package of home security systems , you can achieve arm / disarm by phone, the user application is very easy to use, the effect is also very practical.
        Anti-theft devices and multi- family units can also be used in conjunction with SMS alarm , the alarm device with SMS alarm link , when lawless invasion, not only can be issued a sharp warning tones, the device can send text messages to the user via SMS alarm , told the family not suffer the thief.
        At the moment , people ´s own safety and home security very seriously , people safety-critical transition , making modern professional security equipment is gradually replacing the traditional security measures, not only to enhance the security of residents , for increasingly complex there is also a steal phenomenon good preventive effect , civil security vendors in the future will be able to scuffle .

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