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  • Grasp the IP camera product technology trends

        IPC is short for IP camera , IP network cameras on behalf of the transmission network through the video signal. With the advent of the era of big data , the transformation of traditional cameras to the network , the camera via the network into security systems, are the requirements of modern security systems . Therefore, the rapid development of IP camera . For IP camera you really understand how the future will develop ?
        Since 2010 , IP camera has been a spurt of development , and will continue to maintain high growth momentum of development in the next 3-5 years. Currently the stock is estimated to have exceeded one million cameras , high-definition camera shipments accounted for only 20% of the overall volume , and this proportion will continue to grow in future years . As people ´s awareness of the security industry ´s rapid increase of IP camera surveillance increasingly demanding. Illumination , wide dynamic regional coding, through the fog mode , corridors mode , intelligent analysis, IP camera has become an indispensable function, but will be the future development trend of intelligent, high-definition , easy to carry , miniaturization direction .
        IP camera technology products
        Statistics show that security cases occurred more than 90% are basically nocturnal , so at night than during the day surveillance monitoring is more important. IP camera is the low light performance with higher requirements must be safe cities and other large items. To insufficient lighting at night conditions , be able to obtain a clear image of HD IP camera video camera is relatively high , it is possible to obtain images without noise or less noise is particularly difficult . Minimum illumination is that people evaluate the camera on a sensitive indicator brightness level , lower than the industry for illumination 0.1Lux camera called low-light cameras , the lower the value, the higher the sensitivity of the camcorder , the better the performance . Professional IP camera is a high-performance illumination using ICR dual filter technology to get real-time , a clear picture of output , but also to solve the problem of virtual focus after the color to black . Wide Dynamic
        WDR technology in indoor light through more field applications , such as bank counters, mobile Unicom , classroom scene. IP camera ´s wide dynamic technology to solve a strong chiaroscuro darker indoor scenes brought the phenomenon of the camera shines on the scene . General indoor scenes monitoring, from the window or the door will be a lot of sunlight penetration into , IP camera camera displays images will be dark indoor scene or black, backlight compensation generally allows room to see clearly , but the basic outdoor scenes on is a white ; wide dynamic camera through the indoor scenes compensate for outdoor scenes suppression technology allows images to reach equilibrium ; this will not only see the indoor scenes, outdoor scenes can be seen . Wide dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest image to distinguish the value of the luminance signal can distinguish the darkest light signal value. General The higher the value , adjust the camera , the better the performance of IP camera . Now mainstream manufacturers can achieve wide dynamic 120dB.
        ROI region coding technology
        HD IP camera with high-definition picture quality to give us an unprecedented visual impact , but also brought some problems definition , high-definition picture quality will occupy a relatively large transmission bandwidth , storage space is relatively large. Currently limited bandwidth , HD network camera development encountered a bottleneck . To solve this problem , ROI region coding technology came into being ; This technology is mainly through a number of algorithms to draw out the area of interest in the picture , this part of the high-definition display , and the rest are not interested or unimportant part of the standard definition display ; the technology supports a picture and draw more regions of interest . This way in ensuring the concerns expressed by some image clarity conditions, but also greatly reduces the bandwidth of the image ; makes video transmission smoother, more economical storage space . The technology industry in a limited network conditions banks , warehousing , and public security have been widely used.
        Through the fog mode
        With the increasing number of fog and haze , giving us a normal life brought great harm to our security but also the inconvenience . Many cameras in the fog and haze , showing a decrease in image contrast , blurred distant goal , it is difficult to distinguish , thus affecting the surrounding situational awareness capabilities. The result is that basically can not see the object , lost the meaning of surveillance. With the development of IP camera , the mainstream manufacturers have good integration technology through the fog into the camera , the principle is : in the visible light range is not , there is a frequency of light can penetrate fog , depending on the wavelength of the camera needs to be processed in order to achieve its purpose of focusing , and the need to redesign the camera to this frequency will not be visible image , the visible light does not correspond to the visible color map , the image is rendered in black and white . Through the clouds , water vapor subject, through the double lens equivalent ( water droplets and the actual lens ) , in addition to R light to properly focus on the imaging surface of the CCD , RGB light of the GB are not properly projected in the CCD imaging surface, thus preventing the lens from normal mode clouds , water and gas to get to normal, clear images. In order to get better treatment effect , IP camera manufacturers will provide an additional dedicated image processing chip , can automatically detect the density of the image, keep the details of the image to maximize the signal to achieve color enhancement , contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, contrast enhancement and brightness enhancement, and the density segmentation, deblurring and other operations , the imaging quality of different scenarios has been significantly increased, reaching through the fog purposes. Since the IP camera has a mode through the fog , it can better adapt to the outdoor fog and haze , can be widely used in ships, boats and other places to meet the common marine environment extremely bad weather , fog, rain , water, gas, etc. .
        Corridor Mode
        With the hotels, guesthouses, community and other places monitored increased demand in the narrow aisle or corridor needs to do the monitoring will increase. Ordinary IP camera scene appears the problem of inadequate monitoring of the vertical field of view in the " corridor ", " fire exits " and narrow room, hallway scene or take into account the distance is less than , or less than the depth of field is too deep to see details of the characteristics of the characters . To solve this problem , the IP camera video camera inside specially customized to adapt to this environment mode - corridor model. " Corridor model" is proposed in recent years in the field of security monitoring and application of a new technology . Have the technology to IP camera images can be displayed from the original 16:9 format display format is converted to 9:16 , which makes the watch area becomes more widespread.
        " Corridor mode " applications , making greatly improved the monitoring sites in a particular scene , but also makes the design of the distribution , with more flexibility. Ideal for hotel corridors, school corridors, fire exits, control room and other monitoring applications. In addition, application of multiple cameras corridor model with back-end software platform splicing technology , can achieve higher pixel ( such as four 2-megapixel camera stitching, to reach 8,000,000 results ) monitoring results, broader perspective , the picture more shocking, can be applied at football and other major sports venues .
        Intelligent analysis
        China has further developed the security industry for over 30 years , in order to meet people ´s requirements for security , surveillance equipment after upgrading again and again , and updates faster. Security is the main purpose of security , the key is the "anti ." Now the era of security can not stay after the event to solve the problem by checking the video, we need predictability of events , not an afterthought . This requires us to analyze the video front , once suspicious phenomenon we take steps immediately nipped in the bud stage the event .
        Intelligence analysis capabilities in IP camera applications began many years ago , but because the video image clarity is poor , it will generate a lot of false positives, intelligent analysis of the development of IP camera is limited . Currently HD surveillance camera image resolution has been reached 1080P, for the development of intelligent analysis provides a very good platform . On the technical side , the current IP camera intelligent video analysis technology is mainly divided into pattern recognition and behavioral analysis techniques. Pattern recognition techniques include : face detection , face alignment, license plate recognition, detection, identification fireworks ; behavior analysis includes : cross the line , entering, leaving , lost remnants crowd , slipping and so on. Intelligent video analysis of the core algorithm , currently embodied in the form of algorithms , including the integration of hardware and software- to provide , the effect is basically the same .
        Different video surveillance industry demand for general has a very significant difference , especially in applications for intelligent video analysis technology , which also determines the specificity of different types of behavior and anomaly detection industry events . For example, in the city of peace , law and order in the city can be for emergencies , specialized R & D fights , robberies, climbing and other behavioral analysis ; bank ATM self-service area , through criminal means current ATM self-service area analysis, implementation , such as illegal small piece of paper pasted to install fake keyboard, masked , robbery and other violent behavior analysis functions ; in the transport sector can be achieved for the traffic incident as retrograde , more functionality illegal parking , traffic congestion , etc. alarm .
        Future IP camera innovations and trends
        IP camera innovations
        Cloud computing will enable security industry has undergone changes in the business model , will allow users to be like water, electricity , like the use of the security services. With virtualization, big data , the continuous development of the network, cloud security are constantly emerging. IP camera security decency as an important part of NVR has been achieved with the realization of cloud storage , cloud damaged when NVR IP camera connected , IP camera automatically stores the NVR NVR belongs to another cloud , the realization of cloud IP camera disaster recovery storage.
        IP camera into the home is no longer a dream , a lot of manufacturers will enter civilian areas. Easy installation, simple operation, easy to learn for IP camera will be in the basic requirement. Mobile real-time view of the situation at home , mobile home appliances control the opening and closing , will be the inevitable trend , IP camera will play an irreplaceable role in the smart home .
        Wearable technology
        Wearable cameras are becoming increasingly popular and sought after , miniaturization , intelligence is a modern quest for miniature cameras . People in everyday life bit by bit , in the fleeting inadvertently moved between even the most aspects but also took out his mobile phone , and then open the camera or video mode to record , if we can use the wearable camera , you can real-time video , recorded moments. Google launched glasses provides a good tool for the reporter who , it allows reporters comrades will not miss any scene she saw. We believe that the future of IP camera cameras will be able to become a travel essential items .
        Applications and technology trends
        Biological stabilization applications
        Bio- stabilization technology has been very mature , as are links by mechanical equipment , image stabilization methods are currently used in electronic image stabilization technology between the various component parts of IP camera , the technology to some extent, be able to solve the image jitter problems . But after such a long period of vibration between the device will be bad phenomenon , affecting the life of the equipment . Experts have put bio- technology in IP camera image stabilization inside the camera to resolve due to external forces cause judder phenomenon . The bio- stabilization technology is found in extreme sports athletes , they put the camera mounted on a beheaded , and do together with the chicken wing mounted flight , has been very stable picture. The technology has been drawing security sector experts , biological stabilization cameras will soon be available.
        3D printing technology
        Provide timely products to improve supply capacity , all manufacturing is the ultimate goal of the class factory . 3D printing technology is now familiar , but has slowly infiltrated into the security industry . Rapid Prototyping 3D printing for IP video camera production , rapid provision of raw materials , greatly reducing IP camera production cycle . Application of 3D printing technology will revolutionize the way IP video camera manufacturing production , the production cost will be greatly reduced , who took the lead to 3D printing technology , will be able absolute advantage in the price war , when the security industry manufacturers to re-shuffle is very likely.

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