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  • Predict the future direction of development in four areas of security

        With the rise of the security industry , security industry in various fields have been quite the breakthrough, industry enthusiasm , we are actively explore the market, to obtain a certain position. In the past year , although stable throughout the industry , but the situation is different in various fields . 2014 in all areas of development focus what ? We might as well start with the development of the industry forecast from keywords.
        HD is a video surveillance focus
        In modern security surveillance in public places has not only limited , more and more families are also fitted with video surveillance. And a good , clear picture quality security monitoring products can better ensure the safety of people´s lives . HD security surveillance market storms , more high-definition network security monitoring products have sprung up . With the rapid development of the security surveillance industry , IP HD monitor has been more and more users attention. Compared with traditional security surveillance camera, IP speed dome high definition image clarity has improved significantly , and can render a richer picture detail . Meanwhile IP HD IP security surveillance compared with HD bolt , hemisphere , has an unparalleled advantage in handling, adaptation scope .
        HD IP camera, refers to a digital -based , network-based transmission monitoring system cameras , monitor and video resolution to reach at least 1280 * 720 ( that is, we often say 720P) above , below are a fake HD or does not belong to HD . Traditional analog surveillance system to monitor and video resolution due to technical limitations , the current can only reach D1 (704 * 576) resolution effect, therefore , whether it is the number of lines of analog cameras , are excluded from the scope of definition .
        After entering the HD era, these technical issues are quickly resolved. Has now formed a Japanese camera, lens and Taiwan -made lens to represent different products . Japanese lens optical performance and general stability performance are good, but the price is higher ; Taiwan lenses cost is relatively high, but the lack of high-powered optical properties, especially resolving power performance ; while domestic manufacturers one lens on the stability and consistency of performance is not ideal .
        In terms of auto-focus algorithm , is also already formed several major solutions, such as to TI ´s DM368, FPGA and ASIC as the representative of high-definition images autofocus solution. FPGA solution is a hardware circuit implementation, high stability, effectiveness and speed auto-focus faster ; DM368 software solutions are a combination of hardware registers implementation, its auto-focus effect is relatively good, but the speed and stability aspects to be tested ; ASIC solutions are hardware circuits with simple software way to achieve high stability, but the movement of manufacturers to develop flexibility is greatly limited , it is difficult to effect and speed auto- focus improvements .
        Greater civilian burglar alarm market
        All along, burglar alarm security devices are used as an important tool appears . Structurally speaking , the role of anti-theft alarm and video surveillance is almost indispensable complement . Therefore, in practical applications , the role of anti-theft alarm is also destined to the user should not be overlooked .
        But is such an important tool for a lot of reasons go hand in hand with security monitoring equipment , but in many cases encountered Waterloo applications market . With the constant improvement despite alarm device applications , intelligent and concepts in a systematic step by step deeper layers . However, the development of the local security industry phenomenon , but there are still unbalanced . Burglar alarm industry that is under video surveillance applications in comparison with the huge vacancy.
        In fact , when it comes to the development of anti-theft alarm why so slow , the main reason is still the following two aspects - has been unstable technology ; lack of practical skills in innovation .
        The past two years , although not in the application security monitoring hot , but it does not mean that the decline in market share . While a few years ago, it looks more professional place seems an application tool, but now , it has found its new play space on the civilian market , and began to be more and more accepted by users . Speaking of which, I am afraid we should be able to know what to say, yes, this is the spring of this year gradually regain burglar alarm equipment in the civilian market.
        In fact, when it comes to the civilian police, the alarm can be said that the entire industry in recent years, a rare opportunity. But comparing the status quo is always difficult to solve some of the problems inherent in it , civilian products, but the road is full of alarm enormous challenges and even crises , after all, the future of this highly nutritious if it is difficult to grasp the market , then the entire alarm industry the pace of progress will undoubtedly once again contain and eventually the entire industry in a more passive alarm pace in the field of security . Therefore, how can the civilian police piece of cake to do , bigger, really eat the stomach . In the face of this huge temptation , but also civilian security concerns manufacturers have calm and wisdom.
        Need to achieve network access control intercom
        Access market has been declining over the past nearly two years to start a new development dynamic. With the rapid growth of Asian countries continue to pursue the latest technology , as well as smart cards , the Americas region has imported software as a service , and network access control system . Global access control market this year is expected to reach $ 2 billion .
        Insiders said : "The future trend will be the access control flexibility , scalability, and highly integrated platform for network access and an integrated electronic cylinder lock will be at the forefront of the market. ."
        Integration has been a common theme . While the integration of logical and physical access control concept has finally become a reality, especially to protect patients´ medical records in medical services . Currently , the real trend of the market is SaaS, network access control and electronic cylinder lock , the three combined to build into an IP infrastructure.
        Can be connected to a remote access network configuration or through a separate Internet access control intranet. For small businesses use network access control access more convenient, more affordable, you can continue to see the influx of SaaS and network access control on the market . Both approaches share similarities in that they are scalable and can reduce or eliminate costs associated with PC-based systems . However , when the network access control and SaaS with time, can only use software-based PC or network operating system , all the settings, update and management needs through the " cloud" automatic operation , rather than manual control .
        Network access control systems will continue to gain market certainty , especially those in the Americas , " out of the box " engineering project. In the long-term solution to provide a flexible and adaptable suppliers may benefit from the advantages brought about by market recovery , as well as to attract the user´s eye.
        Intelligent transportation, smart home security drive
        From the enterprise scale, currently engaged in intelligent transportation industry is about more than 2,000 enterprises , mainly in road monitoring , highway fees , 3S (GPS, GIS, RS) and system integration aspects . Currently there are about 500 companies engaged in the production and sales of surveillance products. Highway toll system is very unique Chinese intelligent transportation field , there are about 200 enterprises engaged in the production of related products and domestic enterprises have achieved with independent intellectual property rights of non-stop toll dual-interface CPU card technology . In 3S areas , although there are more than 200 domestic enterprises , some of the leading companies in the mechanical and electrical systems freeway , highway smart cards, geographic information systems and bus rapid transit system in the field of intelligent occupy an important position.
        However, compared to foreign intelligence and dynamic transportation systems , intelligent traffic overall development level of China is still relatively backward. Intelligent traffic in Europe and other developed countries has been widely used. Their application rates in the U.S. reached more than 80 % in 2010 to reach $ 500 billion market size . Japan 1998-2015 cumulative annual market size will reach $ 525 billion , including infrastructure investment was $ 75 billion , to $ 350 billion automotive equipment , services, and other areas to $ 200 billion . European Intelligent Transportation generate economic benefits of around 100 billion euros in 2010 .

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