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  • Home monitoring equipment how small Bozone

        Home security equipment into the field of vision gradually improve people´s living standards, but also allow people began to focus on their own property , more and more companies have joined the battle for civil security market , civil security suddenly fire up the heat , the market is flooded with a wide range of civil security equipment, how to choose the biggest problem became troubled by the user.
        Unlike commercial equipment for civil security
        As a monitoring system, the practicality of course, very important, unlike other commodities , the main purpose is to protect the surveillance system security, but civil and commercial equipment and projects should be differences , civilian equipment is the family audience , the people in the choice of household goods , often more concerned about the appearance of the product, a pair of Jiao good " looks " to attract more users to pay for it , so " judge a book " in the purchase of goods tend to be understandable.
        Careful users will notice , now available in the main civilian security monitoring equipment, general body type are more rounded , compact appearance looks more beautiful, kind of lost business applications , " tough " appearance , leaving merely " innocent girl " cute. However, some of these are anxious businesses , in order to follow up on the civilian market to accelerate the speed of traditional monitoring equipment only a minor "cosmetic " will push the market, not only unable to meet the home user to examine the appearance of the function families can not fit on the user´s requirements, this will undoubtedly own micro cosmetic brand to target.
        Surveillance camera unique design concept
        And some " Striving " businesses , will not put an appearance , but off imperfect products to market , which not only can not capture the market opportunity , more and more users will lose confidence . After a full investigation should be market demand and continuous improvement of the test again to bring products to market , will achieve a multiplier effect.
        The unique design concept
        While in contact with the product I found a line with the characteristics of the monitoring equipment. "Light , compact, simple" is synonymous with its appearance , its appearance is very compact. Fully meet customers ´ eye margin " , so you would think this is a look you want !
        It is APM-JP4035-WS wireless IP camera, the main civil security market, its unique appearance is one of its highlights, and other civilian security devices, the design of the device to the card as inspiration, the thickness of only about 1 cm , which the overall size of the phone and we used similar in size to its own characteristics show the most.
        Surveillance camera features an extraordinary style
        Home users in the purchase of security equipment, first take into account whether the device easy to use, the appearance is beautiful, installation is easy . The APM-JP4035-WS wireless network camera precisely meet the requirements of these users , looks gorgeous without much introduction, its operation is very simple , to meet many user´s habits .
        Extraordinary style features
        Because of its unique appearance "temperament" and "simple , compact , lightweight " design philosophy , the device can easily cope with a variety of home decoration style, the user can be placed at random , or do not make your visitors feel awkward or unsightly , show the beauty of home .
        The wiring is concerned, the device relies on wireless transmission technology , wireless networks (WiFi), making it easy to " walk" in every corner of the love of home, no longer need to worry about walking punch line , not only does not destroy the love home decor , and even the device itself can be easily integrated into one , there will be a sense of misfits .
        APM-JP4035-WS wireless surveillance camera with its "simple , compact , lightweight " design concept , created its unique external "temperament" , fully meet user needs, while easier to integrate into the user´s " discernment" ; "no unassuming, unobtrusive , and easy integration " style features , making it different from ordinary inherent quality in their existing decoration style , full of their own unique charm.

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