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  • Family HD monitor storage problems

        IP surveillance camera provides users with a high- definition picture quality , whether it is high or civilian sector of home monitoring products, precisely because of the high quality network monitoring , to the video store is not a small burden. Objectively speaking , the network HD surveillance camera is a double-edged sword , enjoy 720P, 1080P HD images at the same time , do you think the back-end storage pressure ?
        In order to more clearly understand the IPC storage , the author of two cameras on the test . A field of application is the industry gun network surveillance camera, while another is used for surveillance camera family . Here´s a look , both IPC memory consumed much .
        Same as the 720P HD quality
        To make the data more referential , I chose two images of the same quality 720P megapixel IP camera. Choose a scene almost identical indoor surveillance . Under natural lighting conditions , industry-based surveillance camera video recording 1 hour 10 minutes to produce a video size 1.03G.
        In other words, this part of the application in industry segments surveillance camera, the resulting video is about a minute 15M, 900M generated one hour of video . You have seen such data to understand why the popularity of the network , while high-definition monitor , cloud storage , big data concept came into being. Precisely in order to solve the problem of mass storage , using IT technology to minimize client storage capacity.
        In the process of recording video , the author also found the software to see real-time video via video bit rate in more than 4M . This is a surveillance camera for industrial applications , network bandwidth consumed is not large, but the more the greater the bandwidth represents the amount of data can be passed , so that every minute video produced as the amount of information as said test data .
        For home users, a large video storage data is undoubtedly more affordable . In order to verify the home network the amount of information generated video cameras , I also tested. And environmental surveillance camera industry under the same circumstances , recording 11 minutes , to generate a video about the size 70M.
        Home monitoring traffic over 24 hours 8G
        In terms of the amount of video is generated every minute , every minute to about 6M. Most home surveillance camera with SD card storage , the mainstream storage capacity of 8G or 16G, 24- hour monitoring to calculate the amount of video generated each day has more than 8G. If you have purchased a home surveillance camera, I recommend that you purchase 16G memory card , to prepare for contingencies .
        Compared to industry surveillance camera , despite all 720P HD imaging, but can be seen through the video shots , two surveillance camera resolution there are still many differences. Image frame rate, video compression codec may have resulted in differences. An image rate , the rate at 4M over these devices , and house surveillance camera " HD" standard basic rate less than 1M.
        Applications in different areas of surveillance camera, the different nature of the network bandwidth requirements . Large-scale project to install IP surveillance camera or choose private network , and home monitoring with ADSL sharing data, so if the camera takes up too much network resources , will impact their daily lives .
        Even after a multi-stream transmission control , and enjoy high-definition monitor mobile terminal still occupy a lot of storage space . Obviously , for the present , network monitoring is indeed a double-edged sword HD and enjoy high-definition images bring pleasure , would have cost to buy large -capacity storage devices.

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