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  • Video surveillance new development in the new security era

        21st Century Chinese security industry , from user level can be subdivided into personal safety , home safety , community safety , urban safety , environmental safety , emergency safety, fire safety , information security , industrial security and homeland security ten categories of security requirements ; from the corporate perspective , companies must also have good compatibility with hardware and software products , the five elements of a unified system integration platform for rapid access to product channels, quality construction and good operational services. These two aspects of change , marking the domestic security industry entered a new stage of development , large domestic security era has arrived.
        Mobile Internet under video surveillance
        Changing technology for the security industry , often from independent technology and security . The past two years , smart phones becoming "flooding " , brought positive change to the security quietly .
        With the rapid proliferation of smart phones , a hot topic in recent years, and ultimately, mobile Internet , as long as literacy , micro-channel will play the majority of mobile phone users have heard of the " mobile Internet " is the word , it will have a major security video surveillance impact. Changes have been planted seeds . With the popularity of smart phones , almost all security manufacturers have a cell phone overnight monitoring APP, civil, commercial demand outbreaks ( some people think not about the phone APP application , brought the era ) , a traditional blend of video surveillance applications management needs. For a time, in the industry of video surveillance solutions , mobile applications , such as monitoring APP springing up momentum Missing Piece , the perfect interpretation of the video surveillance concepts used in business processes .
        Intelligent algorithms desperately manufacturers , if carefully studied reports and market feedback , I believe there will be vendors following conclusions : Mobile APP driven by sales of video monitoring products is far greater than intelligent algorithm to bring product sales. It must be noted , the industry must have a manufacturer believes that the phone APP just " other people have and I must have" a feature only.
        Intelligent video analysis as the basic feature
        Intelligence is to make everything easier. The most important video analysis capabilities are often the most basic functions , such as anti- tampering, motion detection (MotionDetection), crossed the line detection (trip-wiredetection), license plate recognition (LPR) and pedestrian counts (peoplecounting), these are is mature and stable functions.
        Monitoring platform development these years , has been very clear definition close monitoring , integration trend , but the application of intelligent performance has just begun , but the outlook is not small. We say surveillance intelligence, many industry insiders believe that intelligence is monitoring intelligent video analysis . Judging from the current situation analysis applications , intelligent video analysis technology is the most mature technology of intelligent monitoring technology system .
        Currently intelligent analysis technology has been widely used in various security fields , distinguished according to the way of its implementation , the industry will be summed up as diagnostic categories intelligence analysis , intelligence analysis and behavior recognition class class intelligent analysis of three types of intelligence analysis .
        For now monitoring the application of the most sophisticated intelligence intelligent video analysis technology point of view, it can in the case of almost no human intervention , through the camera recording the image sequences for automatic analysis of dynamic scene to locate the target identification and tracking , and analyzing and judging the behavior of the target based on this , so both can be completed at the time of the daily management of abnormal happens to react promptly , so as to solve the traditional monitoring workload, low efficiency, reaction slow and other issues , the advantage is obvious , but also to promote one of the most critical technical entire security intelligence .
        Edge storage change monitor mode
        Another trend that is monitoring the edge of storage. Edge storage enables IP camera video local storage , such as using SD or SDHC card. When integrated with VMS , the edge can be stored for more stringent case field , remote control or mobile situations , to create a more powerful and flexible video surveillance system. Edge storage can be used as central storage supplement , when central storage can not be sustained into the data , you can record video locally .
        Furthermore, in the edge of the memory can not be transmitted under limited bandwidth and quality of video, high-resolution video recorded . With this feature, users do not have to worry about bandwidth limitations , and can have high-quality video in detail view.
    To achieve an edge over the storage is almost impossible , because the memory capacity is not big enough , but now , 64GB of flash memory is a common standard , the edge is the current storage trends . Future , 128GBSD card digital cameras used to predict , nor will the rapid growth rate in Moore .
        Video surveillance transmission system fully into the wireless era
        After 3-5 years of development, the balance weight began to wireless network applications , Wi-Fi access to the rapid development in video surveillance applications, the wireless market, seen from the practical application of video surveillance has begun to dominate the market .
        In video surveillance applications projects, favored a wireless network obtained naturally has its reasons , the first is a wireless network through a decade of development, technology is very mature , the price is very low, once a high-ranking nobleman products to the civilian population ; followed by video monitoring has been widely available in various application sectors , and the rapid development of the broader and more in-depth application ; then there is the growing number of large-scale monitoring system based on the structure of the network , all network monitoring technology and the rapid development of the market further promote the construction of infrastructure networks.
        Wireless networks as a part of the network, wired network can not be replaced with a clear advantage , convenient and flexible network construction , low cost , investment protection , use and reliable.
        It is based on the above three reasons, low- cost wireless technology monitoring market strong demand for network monitoring into the mainstream , which spawned a huge market for wireless monitoring . There is strong demand and good technical support , more and more companies involved in the wireless network video surveillance applications , spawned many companies to promote wireless applications in video surveillance.
        Conclusion : the arrival of a new era of security , domestic security companies is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the new era of security , domestic security companies should be based on their own resources and capabilities , the flow, and actively seek change in order in the rapidly changing external environment, sustainable development , thus promoting China ´s security industry usher in a more brilliant tomorrow !


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