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  • Speed ​​dome will face eight major technological innovation

        Set the culmination of Speed ​​dome video surveillance technology , whether it is the structure , movement or drive motor , in order to smooth output are under precise calculation and design, is the most stable and the most difficult to make the required product . Product demand because of conflicts with the nature of the product is great, tend to have mastered the key technology in the hands of a few manufacturers .
        Speed ​​dome developed to a high -definition HD requires more excellent software and transmission technology , because the image you want in a high , clear and smooth low speed operation is not delayed , lost signals transmitted on the network can not have makes a mistake . However , concerns over high-quality monitoring network , in today´s technological advances speed dome , and has been able to cover everything. Let speed dome network look , in addition to wiring convenient, low cost network lines , two-way voice, elastic expansion of the network of higher well-known advantages, the major manufacturers have to import the latest technology.
        The following eight major technological innovation, so that the real value of speed dome rose again , to become project market " non-use " an important factor.
        1.CMOS night vision CCD optimization break the monopoly
        The past two years the name of " Starlight ", " luminous " , "find the light ", " seek light " technologies such as IP camera too numerous to mention , IP video camera manufacturers are not much better night vision effect of rushing to bring out the good , measured movie low noise CMOS sensor mounted in the display module IP camera, has not lost CCD.
        This includes strengthening CMOS optical components manufacturers in the dim light of the photographic performance, and perceived brightness of camera manufacturers to improve the camera , so speed dome can still see in the dim light , but also the convergence divergence street lights glow . In addition , speed dome have been built to automatically switch the IR filter (ICR), and WDR function , so that the image always clear.
        2 3 -mode support 4 compression format streaming and mobile monitoring
        Dual Stream has been unable to meet the monitoring mobile, cloud trend, is in line with market demand , speed dome need to carry an excellent performance processing chip , so that the image can simultaneously stream output 4 different streams can also follow the owners needs, select multimode engine compression formats, including H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG4 total of three kinds .
        Since processing chip used different brands vary, thus providing multi- stream output image resolution and can provide real-time frames will drop . Generally , 1080p of speed dome at least provide a single stream 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps (H.264Baseline/Main/HighProfile or M-JPEG), other streams may not be able to provide such a high standard of image flow , but , there are brand high-end models can provide four streams of 1080p @ 30fps .
        Of course, the four image streams simultaneously output to meet the owners of the real-time monitoring, recording, motion monitoring, remote on-line -derived image quality and compression format requirements, so most owners will choose to comply with specifications , cost-effective products, like highway monitoring , even D1, CIF resolution can be accepted. The watch is now moving speed dome essential , but also the new owners can always move the weapon PTZ control functions .
        3 preset point increase in elevation expand visual range
        Preset is the largest cruise speed dome features and functions , the current technology has been developed to 256 preset points and 8 groups of auto cruise setting , the smallest miniature mobile angle is 0.1 degrees to the vertical or horizontal , so that the operation of the speed dome use more flexible.
        In addition to providing more than 400 to 450 degrees per second multi-stage rotary speeds nearing the installation point for speed dome walls, ceilings and the sight of dead circumstances arising , improved camera, plus or minus 20 degrees to provide a visual angle of elevation , so that vision broader .
        4 provides a good panorama Thumbnail started operating intuition
        Rocker often speed dome essential accessories when speed dome network, and if you can use the mouse smooth operation , the direct wishes of the owners choice of speed dome is also greatly improved.
        After today´s speed dome boot, within three minutes can automatically scan a 360-degree panorama images + 180 degrees vertical , automatic collage into a small thumbnail , SI or owners directly move freely on the thumbnail , click on the lens will follow move immediately , it can depict preset points, setting group cruise route mouse , clickable preset adjustments degree zoomin / out , the path between two points can be individually adjusted speed, intuitive operation , good to get started .
        5 image does not always correspond to the offset correction
        Speed ​​dome for a long time , a significant move, under the cumulative initial lens position corresponding image with the actual gap will slowly appear , how to solve this gap it?
        First of all, when cruising preset point , every so often the camera will automatically correspond to the actual shooting location accuracy , real proper trimming and then, it will not deviate too much, grab it back ; Secondly , when the camera zoomin, also fixed image is getting big time , speed dome will take the initiative to move the angle slowly getting smaller, narrower , when the operation will not be moved because the original angle is too large , a fine-tuning of the image to jump to the other side , have to take the time to slowly turn back. In addition , speed dome will take the initiative to move when the track memory personnel to operate without special settings, you can do the next cruise for the path last memories.
        6 automatic tracking as standard Fast Slow clearly
    Auto Tracking (AutoTracking) project is due to be born of technology , since the development for many years, technology has grown mature, speed dome has become an essential feature.
        Track fast moving objects , speed dome ´s ability to have real-time focus ; faced with slow-moving person or thing , they have to like the same camera with the film , followed by slight acceleration, deceleration . Now the speed dome can do most , powerful objects can capture still time to catch the opportunity zoomin shoot clear, once you start moving , and can quickly recover lost zoomout avoid , sound and excellent tracking technology, IP speed dome big plus .
        7.3D flow monitoring, audio detection function is more accurate intelligence
        IP surveillance camera has IVA is not new , speed dome also catch this wave of support from the front of the camera on motion detection , remnants from the border surrounded prohibited area and other functions. Now, more novel image analysis technology , not just through the Internet at any time of the alarm events sent to mobile phones, computers , but also with a higher accuracy rate reduction of annoying false alarms.
        IVA crowd count has a breakthrough development, the first "3D flow monitoring population " can detect three-dimensional human head, body and moving the state can accurately calculate the total number of people out , but also to determine and record direction , the path , so that IP speed dome of IVA can really be used to make proactive management.
        Due to government projects and industrial development needs of the " audio detection alert " feature , although at this stage only detect audio alert when the volume is too high , but the future will gradually evolve audio detection , so that not only can speed dome identification of the type of sound , but also the image and audio monitoring combined with each other , so that automatically track speed dome audio source .
        8 with a fisheye round monitoring
        In addition to the technology itself and then refurbished , speed dome cameras but also with the other , to achieve the effect of a comprehensive monitoring . With the fish-eye camera technology is mature, the fish eye , IP speed dome to do with , the owners want to be able to solve more accurate from the panoramic image , taken manually or automatically track points the way to lock suspicious people and things .
        Panoramic Maps fisheye shot , when installing IP speed dome can do paired with a corresponding image , the machine, then the user will be able to live panoramic pictures directly carry IP speed dome manipulation , not only can see the full catch every detail of the panoramic picture .

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