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  • Community public safety building

        The Community Security building subdivided into several sections, from property management , import and export management, customer experience management , remote home care cut , diversified , comprehensive analysis of the construction of residential security . Future residential security systems to households will definitely penetrate the business application penetration.
        Property and Security Management Business
        With the continuous development and progress Tech technology, different regions, different scenarios can adopt appropriate preventive measures , especially to strengthen the prevention -oriented technology , to maximize the effect of making the residential security .
        1, the district public safety building
        Public areas mainly refers to the cell perimeter district , main roads within the park , event plaza , outdoor parking spaces, landscape water and so on. Area mainly in the security event logs for intrusion personnel , personnel of crime , children playing in the park , so as to facilitate early warning and case after case before retroactive .
        In addition to combining the perimeter fence installed by the regional intrusion alarm equipment, outdoor waterproof infrared camera installed on the cell perimeter be no dead 24-hour surveillance , but also realize that part of IP camera through the back perimeter intrusion detection perimeter intelligent analysis, implementation intelligent video surveillance for management of key areas , such as the monitor screen crossed the perimeter detection, alarm personnel across the line , cross- line alarm popups associated camera video display while playing back a few seconds before the video screen.
        Major roads within the park , event plaza , outdoor parking area , can be used outdoor infrared gun camera with outdoor IR dome of channels , video surveillance for large areas , to ensure that pedestrians front, back , at least be clear in the park captured once.
        Landscape water in most residential construction have , and most will set no railings water platform in the region , playful children are prone to fall into danger , and therefore part of the anti-technology have its particularity. Consider the beautiful park , the use of a given entity fence is not the optimal choice , this can be used in smart technology , such as the perimeter of these applications in intelligent video surveillance for key regional management approach , crossed through the monitor screen detection, alarm across the line staff to achieve alarm correlation across the line camera video display popups remind managers pay attention to assign personnel to the scene to discourage preventive measures.
        2 , parking lot construction safety management
        Parking lot surveillance for security management from the main entrance and main roads in two ways. Provided in each parking lot entrance video monitoring point, and out of the vehicle in real-time monitoring and video storage , the video surveillance camera can shared with surveillance camera of vehicle access management system; main road section underground parking , set Illumination Box Camera , taking into account each vehicle access and parking spaces circumstances .
        For the parking garage entrance and main roads dispatched at the same time meet the daily parking management , on the other hand to avoid due to the omission of video surveillance which led to the underground garage became blind spot monitoring possible . Even after committing the crime as an invasion of personnel escape routes through the underground garage , dispatched the video equipment that has an event security sector retroactive basis.

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