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  • Community security mishap how to remediate?

        People living model has a " big mixed , small settlements " features , the construction of residential security is very important , but by the content of media coverage in Shaanxi , Shanxi can be found within the current district because of broken windows , burglary over the wall caused by events such as endless disputes . Dating back to the construction of residential security systems , look around the district , many of the area inside the building security system failure, the system has been installed on the daily operation is the potential abuses .
        1 , most of the area inside the anti-technology equipment is just a dotted
        In most anti-technology area inside just a decoration, and only heavy anti- air defense , the result is hard to detect security risks . Security doors , security windows were damaged, the door was forced open common occurrences ; After the incident, if there is no monitoring system, help you connect even forensics can not find straw . In the end more than the area inside , the situation is slightly stronger anti-technology construction , they may set up some surveillance camera in public places , access control systems inside the cell by a voice intercom to video intercom , in a few key areas Additions wireless Patrol points.
        2 , developers do not pay attention
        Construction of facilities in the area of security process, due to inadequate attention to the extent of the developers . The users of the merits of the anti-technology equipment is mostly laymen , security systems for residential construction is not sensitive enough to be fooled developers still unaware . Like fire , fire extinguishers , smoke detectors , temperature sensors, burglar alarms and other smart home can enter the home , but did not mention the developers , users unknowingly , let alone require the installation .
        3 , the absence of property companies on security management
        Absence of residential security management , and the specific performance of residential property maintenance company does not assume responsibility for security from the site , do not form the concept of on-site safety maintenance . Some property management companies will be arranged within the area of ​​security , the safety of the community a little management , and some say there is no security or no security on duty 24 hours . Even with security , he usually just manage the door and out into the community after what happened on the set of unfamiliar personnel matter .
        4 , there is no provision for compulsory constraints
        In the past, we have developed under the leadership of local norms when the Provincial Public Security Department , although where there is the introduction of appropriate norms at the time of actual implementation , but has become a dead letter , and we are confused. Why is this so ? Shaanxi Province , Shaanxi local standards for a macro cell specification requirements, but for some specific content , such as the number of security personnel should be configured , how many guard system should be set up so that no specific targets in the implementation of time, naturally can not be forced. Construction of residential security standards should be raised to the height of the law, in order to improve the protection of residential security system construction .

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