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  • Apexis in 2014 CeBIT exhibition

        2014 Information and Communication Technology Fair (CeBIT) in Hannover, Germany concluded on 14th March. On the whole, big data, social, mobile and cloud technologies is reflected in this year´s CeBIT IT industry trends. Security-related solutions to get more attention. The smart home applications based on wireless networking technology has become an important development direction which is closely related with people´s lives.
        On the CeBIT 2014 exhibition, intelligent door mirrors, intelligent security monitoring, intelligent cloud disk, smart sockets and a series of wireless networking applications fully reflected the tremendous role of low power embedded WiFi technology in promoting things produced. IP cameras, NVR, GPS, smart home and other products Apexis exhibited in 2014 Cebit had received widespread attention. Here are some photos of Apexis´ booth: