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  • Security Monitoring 2014 will be an exciting year

        2014 the global economy will continue in the doldrums , the new era under the ever-changing international situation , increased social instability , countries in order to maintain a stable social order , a substantial increase in demand for security systems ; hand, people on the security monitoring awareness of the product market after nearly 20 years of training , acceptance of security monitoring products is greatly enhanced. These factors determine , for the security surveillance market , 2014 will be an exciting year.
        2014 market forecast global network video products
        HIS last 10 years, according to the global security market data for statistical analysis and found that the video surveillance market with double-digit growth every year increments . Without exception, is the global market growth in 2014 is projected to exceed 12 % growth rate. Video surveillance can be classified according to product , geographic regions and end-user market divided into different types . And that some of the market ´s growth rate is higher than average.
        Video Surveillance Products
        From a global point of view of video surveillance products classification , IP camera market is still the fastest growing type of product markets. In this market, high resolution (500 million pixels ) full-time fish -eye panoramic 360 degree IP camera and fixed infrared dome IP camera demand will grow rapidly. Mini- hemispherical shape and integrated mini- gun infrared IP camera is also very popular in the market. For most users, they are cost- optimal choice.
        End-user type
        City surveillance market ( safe city , safe transportation , safe communities, safe campus , etc. ) income growth in 2013 , and this growth will continue in 2014 . City surveillance is one of the most compelling video surveillance equipment applications . HD video as evidence in the investigation of the terrorist attacks , riots and destruction of public safety use cases , and more and more of these news agencies broadcast monitor screen . Cities Monitor 2014 will be the fastest growing type of end-user markets .
        On the other hand , the demand for utilities and energy sectors video surveillance products will continue to grow. These sectors and multi- volume facilities are often remote , with guard personnel will become a problem . Not only traditional energy projects face these challenges , the new renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and construction as well. In addition to energy supply security , the potential threat of terrorist attacks in the utilities and energy industry facilities also led to more and more attention . 2014 , this security equipment market forecast to grow by more than 10% .
        2014 , from the beginning of the year opened , it is destined to have a lot of unusual things happen, video surveillance is no exception , 2014 was an exciting year for video surveillance , I believe in this year , there will be a lot of video surveillance new products and technologies continue to emerge.

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