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  • Home security is inseparable from the video surveillance

        Scientific development and progress , once again changing the way people live , raise safety awareness , making civil security market boom , manufacturers have gradually begun to pay attention and expand civil security market , a large number of civilian security equipment such as flood , the influx of thousands of square households , from the beginning of a new era of people -led anti-technology family safe. So how do you find the most suitable for your home surveillance system? Next on the author to make a detailed explanation .
        In order to make the best purchase options , keep things simple point . You must first understand some basic situations , when you do decide to make constantly ask yourself until satisfactory decision.
        First, determine your monitoring needs
        1 , you have a big house it? If the answer is no , around the house so you do not need to install complex video surveillance systems.
        2 , depending on how many cameras you need what they do . You need to install them in the room to monitor the baby and the nanny , they still need to monitor the entrance or in the garden ? You must also make it clear whether the video , so also need to purchase a video recorder .
        3 , if it is within the normal size of a high-end residential apartments , then a burglar alarm is sufficient to meet demand.
        4, if the size of the apartment is a conventional downtown , you need much more than the police. An outdoor surveillance camera for monitoring outer space , like a garden , the backyard will be more helpful . If thieves can see them in the monitoring cameras , they will not dare to start your house , especially around the house are not loaded when monitoring equipment .
        5 , you want to monitor the system, including what functions it is you want a wired or wireless cameras ?
        Wired surveillance camera, requires the construction and wiring installed during the installation will place the building walls to make some changes . These cameras should stay in a fixed position , when the mobile surveillance cameras when needed rewiring , for home users is very cumbersome, time-consuming and uneconomical . Instead , wireless IP camera you want to move to where can , because it is supported wifi wireless monitoring . But they may be cut off the transmission signal or a wireless phone network signal , so will affect the quality of video transmission . Wired products are no such problems , compared to the same wireless products provide higher resolution.
        6 , the fixed body or the ball ? Fixed cameras have been monitoring a fixed range ; they only get one perspective. But the dome IP camera moving through the camera to monitor or place near or far , monitoring more flexible.
        In a word : "The best security monitoring system will always be customized according to your own life " - it will take into account your daily schedule , and specifically to protect your most treasured things.
        Users familiar with the operation is the best way to prevent false alarms . So installers teach you and your family how to use monitoring equipment and how to prevent false alarms are very important.
        Do research to find the most suitable system
        The more information you know , the more sales staff will not be fooled . These people are doing their best efforts to sell the most expensive or not related equipment. They may offer many solutions for you to induce you yield under their authority , but you and everyone else knows that the possibility of this happening . However , the truth is , the small house totally unnecessary presidential -level security.
        Assess your own needs , when you have the time to confirm these choices on the market , and ultimately in your budget to find a suitable monitoring system. Technological innovation is by no means meant to buy the most high-end systems, but the cost of even the most low-end products are not cheap.
        Many features advanced security system comes down to one thing - if you need them. The more you know about their needs , the more likely you buy the most suitable equipment.
        When you look to buy from a company , but also to see what other people are saying about this company monitoring service . Their products reliable it? Whether to provide 24-hour service ? Technical support is perfect ?
        Your budget
        You have decided on your needs, but also to study the relevant information. What to do next ? Home security systems vary greatly in price convenience , mainly by technical and performance decisions. If there are far more than your budget , no matter how hype sales personnel are not considered.
        If you find products on budget , pay attention to the potential cost . Many companies sell equipment for you to install, but some companies will charge.
        To confirm that the equipment warranty , clear monitoring costs , if you want to purchase any additional equipment that has been bought to take advantage of the current equipment .
        Do you want to make changes to the installation environment when installing the device ? Wireless equipment is relatively easier, if you want to cancel the wire next to the camera . They also provide high-resolution video, but will be blocking other signals , it is recommended to use other equipment to test before you buy.
        The law of the place where you
        Installed in your house and the surrounding CCTV surveillance camera to work in accordance with your request , this is no problem. But if these cameras happen to be in the streets or other person within range , it would have to be considered clear.
        By stealth or video camera control is also considered a stealth monitoring, monitoring of others is illegal when others unknowingly . You may also install location is also illegal. In the bedroom by stealth monitoring of your spouse camera ? It is legally allowed.
        Likewise, eavesdropping on conversations , refers to the use of audio monitoring system listens to others talk , it also undermines the privacy of others .
        Know your location on a private law provisions camera mounting location , so you do not legal trouble. In the shops to buy equipment or salesperson may be for you to this point.
        DIY monitoring system
        There are a variety of original online home security guide, tells us how the original capital without a large fee can protect the house.
        If you only have a small room to take care of , then you can try is willing to DIY, do it yourself with a camera . DIY professional alarm equipment and the main difference between the performance , and stability of operation . For we live in a big house son , better monitoring systems rely on professional , DIY , you can entertain themselves .
        You must also do your fair share of things
        Able to purchase and install the best surveillance equipment you can find this is the best thing . But requires proper and reasonable to use it, otherwise it will not work.
        First, when you leave the house , even if only out for a while, also must enable your device , whether it is day or night. Let this become a habit , and let your family members are also necessary to do so .
        Labeling to inform your house in under video surveillance, to be affixed to the front and back , attached to the thief slipped the easiest place .

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