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        With the development of the times, the smart home has not only makes the film a sense of longing for something unattainable , but began to slowly approached each household , but the problems attendant gradually exposed out . Smart home it really brings to our lives convenient ? Its safety and reliability really get away with it? This is a problem the majority of suppliers and consumers all need to face.
        Smart home products as a popular consumer products , the market demand steadily. However, due to the presence of more or less vulnerability management market , but also had to let suppliers face a dilemma: how different brands together with other smart home products. In order not to be monopolized market or industry monopoly suppliers were also anxious bruised and battered.
        Some advocated the adoption of a hub to connect the product together , and some say the use of cloud services solution. Simply understand that the product is not compatible , but in order to meet the interoperability and connectivity suppliers are looking for a win-win solution .
        To make home networking can be achieved , and many hardware equipment must be some way data exchange , in order to finalize the purpose of the intelligent home . Some vendors in order to product sales , the introduction of a wide range of smart home products, but the industry specializing in surgery , there are still some manufacturers to use open protocols and meet common standards , make the device work .
        You should not underestimate the so-called " agreement ", which is to protect the smart home product interoperability core . Once all the intelligent devices to meet the agreement, then the consumer can freely choose their favorite appliance brands . From the vendor perspective, because the majority of users of smart home technology is poorly understood , it is to be provided to the user the most compatible smart home accessories , the operation easier.
        In the field of intelligent home , we hear than most ZigBee protocol , although many smart home products are derived from the ZigBee protocol, but it is not a standardized protocol , is more like an open source code library for developers to modify and use , so the molded products are different. Compatibility issues once again return .
        Smart Home is a short distance from both the requirements of long-distance transmission system also requires communication , if not making a good standard , the cost will be greatly improved. Consumers are willing to pay for it? Therefore cloud services will flex its muscles in the field of intelligent home .
        Smart Home cloud services
        Cloud services can better connect with the family of devices , but can be ordered classification. For example , home surveillance camera connected to broadband , intelligent home devices and other network resources to seize , home IP camera can see everything at home , but it does not mean that is able to control smart appliances and other equipment , but monitoring and smart tips can be achieved according to appliance operation, which all are derived from cloud services. Monitoring and smart appliances are the two modules , operation mode without disturbing each other , but the data can be shared .
        Cloud services offer more advanced features , because it is not limited to hardware management devices , especially when limited sensor capabilities, cloud services can provide more powerful processing platform. Cloud services are not dependent on the Internet , so when the home network system crashes , users do not have to worry about all the smart home equipment " downtime ."
        Even if the network has been very purely , but operators still can not guarantee 100% of the network bandwidth services in normal working condition , perhaps the user may not affect the average family , but in the industrial field , a network of tiny " paralysis" could lead to serious consequences.
        Smart home remote monitoring system would exclude reliance on the Internet , some say for home wifi connection , this can be achieved within a LAN , but to the body in the field of remote monitoring, cloud service stability will be safeguarded. The key reason for the success of cloud services is because of its scalability, security and reliability .

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