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  • APM-HP803-MPC-WP IP camera luxury villas amulet

        All along, the luxury villas are thieves thieves favorites. Recently, Yinzhou Tong Kai villa theft occurred together , the reporter reported thefts staff is aimed at the owner does not turn off the door , only to let the thieves have a chance , easily took the master on the couch package. Coincidentally , these events also appeared frequently . Frequent thefts , so that people ´s eyes suddenly gathered villa security work up . We have lamented : home so stolen , Tyrant , you know? Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP Multipurpose Internet for civil security cameras are Apexis the launch of a very sincerity of home security products.
        APM-HP803-MPC-WP features
        Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP uses professional-grade surveillance camera , built- f: 6 mm, F: 2.0 Infrared lens ensures crisp and clear screen image . 720P HD video , up to a maximum resolution of 1280 * 720 , more than three times the normal camera , you can easily capture every detail .
        Beneath the camera APM-HP803-MPC-WP as infrared detectors, passive infrared detection technology professional plus video motion detection in security mode , as long as someone enters the detection range , APM-HP803-MPC-WP will produce alarm , the corresponding alarm message will be pushed to your phone , while APM-HP803-MPC-WP trigger pictures and videos , so the thief undetected .
        High- efficiency infrared light, not only distances of up to 12-18 meters , can also be clearly visible at night . Switching systems with ICR filter , day and night using different filters, color is not cast during the day , at night , can see clearly . IR -corrected optical system design , automatic calibration of infrared virtual focus , ensuring clear images at night .
        Color, dynamic color matching cards using 24 test aircraft color reproduction capability , small color display areas find it somewhat subdued . However, the actual effect of the indoor environment monitoring is good for the movement of objects , smear a small margin , and no frame loss situation.
        For a low-cost commercial IP camera , the delay aspects still doing well, as measured by the delay of about 470 ms , the effect would be acceptable.
        The effect of night surveillance aircraft for civilian class security IP camera , it is very good, in the absence of light conditions , it will automatically open infrared light fill light , very good to maintain a normal black and white mode monitoring.
        Mobile terminal and alarm systems
        The machine is equipped with a voice intercom system , in addition to the use in security surveillance, better communication with their families to become communication tools , intercom and no noise , basically able to do real-time synchronization effect. As alarm systems are also well done, by the sensor detection, can accurately detect abnormal invasion. Xiao Bian After several tests , in the case of low light , the camera quickly switches to night mode . While the alarm system is turned on , suddenly broke into the scope of monitoring , PIR sensor body will start immediately sounded the alarm , and the alarm information pushed to the PC, the mobile terminal . While the PC, the mobile terminal can view the video and the abnormal invasion Quick View album video , the only downside is the delay of the phone is slightly larger than the PC end .
        Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP install three steps
        APM-HP803-MPC-WP hardware design integrated microphone and speaker , while watching a video , you can easily get to open two-way voice intercom, remote visualization communicate anytime, anywhere , like owning a videophone , family communication barrier .
        Behind APM-HP803-MPC-WP network surveillance cameras memory card slot built to provide users with a massive expansion of capacity. After rigorous testing , APM-HP803-MPC-WP support up to 32G MicroSD memory card , while the common market 4G/8G/16G memory card with good compatibility, can be used to alert the user to save .
        By Apexis revealed the news in the near future as long as the upgraded equipment systems , Apexis ´s home surveillance camera products will support cloud storage , a real 7 * 24-hour full monitoring and recording , without the need to buy another hard drive era from us near.
        Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP versatile IP camera with " easy to install , plug and play " features. Everyday use , simply connect the camera cable router port to the end of the card .
        Use Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP improve quality of life
        According to users , said that for people who do not often at home , Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP is very practical. Use Apexis APM-HP803-MPC-WP Internet cameras, for like walls, doors, windows, balconies and other places thieves can easily begin to arm . Once someone broke into the deployment region , Apexis cloud platform will push the alarm information to the mobile phone , to capture and view images . With Apexis no longer need to worry about , just a smart phone , you can keep abreast of the situation at home .
        Living systems is to determine the safety of products supporting the program requirements for the prevention and the actual situation of the villa layout for different installation vary. Currently, purely by human era is over , a comprehensive security system is a top priority this villa layout. Safety is our eternal theme , can be closer to the user ´s experience as well as the needs of users in a timely manner , stability and development of intelligent direction , the system features advanced security systems is the future house .
        APM-HP803-MPC-WP series of civil security front as Apexis quality products , we see that no matter from product configuration or user experience gave us a sense of themselves . As their slogan " under control ", as , Apexis positioned on top of the product miniaturization , home , networking . I hope we can see Apexis through powerful Internet services and technical support provided to families and small and micro business users visualize security-based care , communication and sharing service.

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