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  • Weak security monitoring management systems installation technology introduction

        With the development of society, the construction of the expansion of the city, the construction of transportation systems , new construction , and application security monitoring system more and more people ´s attention , after a lot of things happen , you always need to illustrate the problem by monitoring and recording , and often can deter criminals to eliminate crimes in the bud . Therefore , the need for security monitoring systems in our daily lives become more prominent , and security monitoring system installed in a reasonable and reliable materials and equipment have become a prerequisite to ensure their system is functioning properly functioning .
        A wiring technical requirements
        Security monitoring system wiring not only to meet the requirements of the relevant data indicators , but also in the line laid reasonable layout, safe, reliable, secure and tidy. Its technical requirements are as follows :
        1, using the wire should be greater than the rated voltage of the line voltage, insulated conductors shall comply with the installation and laying of lines environmental conditions , conductor cross-section should be able to meet the power and mechanical strength requirements.
        2 , the wiring should be avoided wires with connectors . Unless the joints can not be used , the connector must be crimped or soldered , wire connections and branch office should not be subject to mechanical force. Wear a wire in the tube , in any case can not have joints , if necessary, will be connected to the junction box connector terminal as possible.
        3 and the wiring in the building to be maintained horizontally or vertically. Wiring should be added to protect the casing (PVC pipe or galvanized steel , according to the technical requirements of the indoor pipe optional ) , ceiling trace metal hose is available , to be fixed too safe and beautiful.
        4 , the signal line is not parallel with the high- power lines , but can not wear in the same tube . As a result of environmental constraints , to parallel lines , between two lines away from 50cm or more.
        5, the alarm control box AC power line should go alone , not with the signal line and the low-voltage DC power line through the tube in the same AC power line installation shall comply with the electrical installation standards.
        6 , alarm control box to ceiling traces buried in the wall or to be added to protect the casing with galvanized steel to improve the anti- destruction system performance.
        Second, the technical requirements of the pipe
        1 , line pipe and wiring Ariake equipped with two dark : Ming smooth vertical and horizontal piping requirements , neat appearance ; dark piping requirements pipeline is short, smooth , less elbow.
        2, according to design and select the type and size of pipe , such as when no specific requirements, can be worn by the total area of ​​the wire (with the skin ) in the pipe line , not more than 70% within the limits of the cross sectional area of the tube matching.
        3 , for ease of pipe threading and maintenance , while the pipe is longer than the following values ​​, the middle should install a junction box or pull box , its location should be easy threading :
        a, each more than 40 meters pipe length , when there is no bending ; b, the length of each more than 25 meters , when there is a crescent ; c, each more than 15 meters length , there are two bend ; d, each more than 10 meters length , with three bends time .
        4 , line pipe fixed : line pipe 1.5 meters should be fixed bend or straight line distance intervals .
        5 , the bending radius of cable pipes shall comply with the penetration of cable bending radius ( cable properties of different types require different ) .
        6 , line pipe used no blisters , cracks and large deformation and the pipe wall is smooth burr avoid cable damage.
        7 , using the cable pipe fittings crimp or top pick .
        8 , vertical laying of line pipe, according to the size of the wire section penetrated in every 10 meters , an increase of threading a fixed junction box ( cable box ) , the wire is fixed in the box with insulating clamp. The thicker the wire , the shorter the distance between the fixed point .
        9 , without entering the box ( box) vertical nozzle, the penetration of the wire , the nozzle should be sealed .
        10 , junction boxes or cable box should be fixed at least three screws , junction box or pull box shall be affixed to the closure , the branch of the pipe line should be added junction box for easy inspection and operation.
        Third, based on network traffic monitoring system installation technical focus
        Nowadays due to depth application monitoring system and network technology has been considerable development, based on the enterprise LAN , remote Internet , Wi-Fi and satellite transmission technology monitoring system that allows human beings really have eyes and ears . As network transmission medium of its technical feasibility , safety and reliability is the basis for monitoring and management system uptime , installation of proper basic transmission network is a necessary condition to achieve system functions.
        1 , remote network monitoring system structure
        Monitoring from point to point to a matrix of audio and video applications , and then to the LAN then WAN monitoring system to overcome the technical difficulties of various development sectors , and these sectors ( as shown above ) is to ensure that the focus of the system functions to achieve :
        a, field monitoring equipment and materials to ensure accurate installation , IP camera address setting accurate
        b, laying cable connection monitoring systems to improve accuracy and protection ( eg encounters elevator monitoring installation, elevator traveling cable should particularly note : bundling fixed intact fastening each turn and moving parts to reserve sufficient length )
        c, field devices , control boxes , room equipment supply accurate and stable , conditions should be set dual power supply
        d, monitoring equipment boxes, control room equipment installation is completed
        e, the monitoring host connected through switches, routers and communication network debugging
        Commissioning f, using wireless communications have completed AP points form the perfect wireless communications network
        g, for remote unattended monitoring signal acquisition , should adopt a dynamic IP binding technology to reduce costs, by ADSLMODEM virtual dial-up Internet access, network bandwidth should ensure 512k or more.
        2, remote network monitoring system installed
        ① monitoring system equipment connected to each device functions as follows :
        a, ADSLMODEM the LAN connection to the Internet through a telephone line. b, broadband router ADSLMODEM virtual dial-up, to get a public address ; the LAN port mapping some external to the IP video camera or other PC port to provide services . c, switches connect the LAN terminal (PC, IP camera , etc. ) , the server set up a local area network. d, hubs and switches to connect the IP camera ´s ( UTP twisted pair ) when the long , serve to strengthen the role of the signal .
        ② monitoring system operation and management
        Enterprise LAN computers and remote computer users , authorized by the administrator can monitor the system through client software or IE browser monitor the situation at the scene . Users can synchronize the network freely manipulate the lens zoom and pan rotation , for any point in the scene dynamically monitor alarm settings and real-time video , video ready access to existing information on the server. Weak security monitoring and management system should implement user management system , the distribution of different users different levels of operating authority, unauthorized operation and reduce the losses caused by misuse , ensure system security.
        Example : construction site security IP camera installation
        Note : a, camera connection of a network of lines and a power cord, network cable into the office LAN switches , when the camera switches to the distance over transmission distance lines , the middle to the installation of the hub. b, if the seat is installed between the laying of the cable and the switch is difficult to achieve , you can consider the use of wireless transmission mode, the camera end and switches respectively connected after the installation of a wireless AP can be connected to the LAN data communications, but the cost is relatively high . c, according to the camera target, to ensure stable and reliable power supply voltage . AC 220V power delivery is usually far , the use of relatively large diameter line loss area is relatively small , resulting in a smaller power supply voltage drop .
        Conclusion :
        Weak security monitoring system is now no longer just a video surveillance system in the narrow sense , weak integration with the development of technology and changes in security -conscious people , anti-intrusion systems and fire alarm systems and security monitoring system linkage has become basic needs security work the new awareness of new technologies and new requirements will bring us a new weak intelligent security monitoring systems.

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