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  • HD-SDI market marginalized risk

        HD-SDI is a field of applied industrial monitoring products , outstanding image quality , high prices, especially for the fields of high -resolution images , SDI plays a great advantage ; faced with this powerful HD IP camera competitors, weak high-definition digital video camera HD-SDI need to find a suitable location , while reducing the cost , in terms of structure, the hardware and software to support equipment , must be in a reasonable price range , on the other hand do with HD IP camera integration , the same camera can support both transmission network coding , and can lossless HD-SDI video signals transmitted via the interface .
        Compared to the IP system , SDI in technology and market development still has significant advantages :
        Video of the true and consistent : as a non- compressed mode transmission technology , video fidelity capability, transmission is the main advantage is certainly smooth HD-SDI technology. Since the HD-SDI at work , unlike IP surveillance system works as the first packaged compressed video data onto the network for transmission and then , instead of using compressed manner not sent directly to the transmission cable , which can better stability and security without losing the signal really effect. In addition, due to the SDI video signal processing , and will not compress or decoding time-consuming work , so you can ensure a more coherent in video playback.
        System compatibility strong : As in many engineering HD-SDI , the cable connectors are generally BNC connector. The connection of these lines with traditional analog lines are also basically the same. In addition, the compatibility of analog surveillance system , simply upgrade the existing treatment system , we can complete the HD-SDI pattern recognition. Without the need for additional renovation project. It also changes the traditional surveillance systems to HD-SDI systems , creating more convenience .
        Cable transmission capability : Currently in the HD-SDI transmission, coaxial cable equipment is mainly transmitted . In operation, the coaxial cable can only transmit video , audio can be also simultaneously transmitted. Thus the analog video matrix systems and audio matrix combined. Ensure a good video and audio consistency. In addition, there are a lot of people think the current coaxial cable is expected to achieve a better integration in the future, and the audio and video circuits and transmission lines , and thus more savings into the project.
        HD-SDI shortcomings surviving
        Thus , the increase in optical transceiver terminal compatibility problems may exist , if there are good quality signal transmission attenuation, resulting in poor image quality ; user input costs will increase, which is relatively uneconomical IP surveillance products affordable. Another investment is probably none other than the non- storage .
        As more and more users to target high-definition monitor , think about whether the background of massive data storage problems. HD HD-SDI storage per second nearly 1M, compare image quality and bandwidth required , its video data is massive , even if we admit that 99 % of the video are redundant information , but as long as there is a 1% hope exists , video data exists is necessary. Clearly ordinary hard drive difficult loads such a large database.
        SDI or marginalized by the market
        At the national policy document " security information transmission network video surveillance systems , switching, control technology requirements" , "national public security authorities deployed a video image information integration and sharing tasks book" Under the strong dominant , 2015 , at all levels Public security organs to " build a shared platform , improve a transmission network , to create a database to build the four pillars of security ," the goal of building , and the " platform solutions , network infrastructure , storage strategy , application mechanism " as the most important work carried out principle , the building needs to be mentioned networking important position . HD video monitoring inter-regional networking built into the development of the necessary road video surveillance industry .
        Mission statement means that in the future the new government video surveillance projects must meet the requirements of large-scale networking , which we mentioned earlier , networking is difficult SDI itself a fatal mishap , thus , can be estimated that the current gross domestic video surveillance market-leading safe City class of large projects , play a leading role is certainly IP, and SDI can participate in. probably just one small part of the focus of the monitoring area.
        Coupled with the domestic civilian market is still in a cultivation period, while the civilian market in the choice of products , the price is a sensitive word in the price leverage, " high prices " of SDI in this area for a time , it is difficult to display their fists .
        In the vast majority of manufacturers in the promotion Difficult , have turned to high-definition IP -based line, focus less on the cast SDI , SDI location just on the product line "essential supporting role ." Throughout the industry as a whole production line comparison of IP and SDI , SDI only a small percentage .
        Either from the product distribution , or the actual application opportunities , the future , SDI is likely to be marginalized by the market .

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