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  • Customization become security companies competitive weapon

        In recent years , with the ever expanding security market , customized security has increasingly become a trend. On the one hand , the traditional financial services, telecommunications, military and other key industries , the growing demand for diverse applications often require manufacturers to provide personalized service on demand . On the other hand , the implementation of a nationwide Safe City and other projects to promote the security of socialization popularity. To some extent , the future is a professional manufacturer of security vendors in particular in this case in order to better survival , we must provide more personalized and even relatively socialization products and solutions , in order to truly adapt to the trend of the future development of the market .
        Customized security vendors to develop ideas
        Although China´s civil security market security market output value accounted for less than 10% , but already some experts predict that the next five years, China´s civil security market will reach 50 billion yuan . Faced with such a huge market , professional firms should also explore new ideas, develop more close to civil, practical product features.
        In this regard , IP camera with lens shift alarm products , surface modification, Fog , corridors and many other suitable mode enhanced video clarity civilian market performance, which is undoubtedly more to meet the current needs of practical application in China , an increase of smart city construction video surveillance demand haze environment. As another example, in a recent security vendors actively developing surveillance products with encryption capabilities , which is conducive to manage domestic public security departments on various social monitoring products .
        Of course , whether products or customized solutions tailored to solve , the pressure will increase for manufacturers , which requires security vendors have long accumulated experience and technology projects , to better understand user needs, providing the application meets the needs of various industries solutions and products. From this point of view, those with considerable accumulation in traditional industries and industry segments advantage can be transferred to more professional security industry manufacturers , customized security in the future market is more likely to stand out .
        Product customization become a powerful competitive weapon
        Security Industry After 30 years of development, its products, technologies and services have a major breakthrough in the past relative to the development of various technologies and products now quite mature , but the technology matures bring homogenization problem , the current security industry product is facing this dilemma .
        With the HD concept stir , customized concepts have gradually surfaced. Take the surveillance camera , the different sectors of demand for HD IP camera is certainly different. In the transport sector , for example, to capture their vehicles , lane monitoring, license plate recognition, identification , such as drivers and passengers even have very strict demand, therefore, is not only a need to support these functions HD IP surveillance camera, but in this camera is a complete definition of critical equipment bayonet or license plate recognition system , enabling comprehensive monitoring of people and cars . In the financial sector, mainly because the camera is mounted on the counter and the lobby and other parts, and therefore need a wide dynamic function ; while for counters and other parts of the HD cameras as well as high frame rate requirements in order to see the details of the notes.
        In addition, different scenarios for the requirements of the video itself is not the same , and some want to see a wider , but the definition is not very demanding , such as the square ; some want to see more clearly , you need high resolution, but a low frame rate ; some want to see more smooth image without jumping Dayton ...... Thus, in this case , the concept of customized emerged . The above mentioned product features customized just for functional application customization is more , such as for zero storage, network data encryption, user security , and so on , different users will put forward different needs.
        Diversity of user requirements , regardless of any application on the market are very obvious presence on the field of security video surveillance , it is always some vendors often ignore the " customer needs " this issue, the case manufacturer customers transition appears to guide users . For example , manufacturers to marketing a new solution or technology, users are still new things , manufacturers often preconceived users instill good idea of ​​the quality of their products , while ignoring the real needs of users. But ignoring the actual needs of users but it will lead to the user´s needs are not met and thus influence the quality of service , lack of direction also makes security industry development and hinder the development of better business .
        Customization is an effective solution to the vendor product does not meet the needs of users of this problem, the security industry trend of customized applications in the past two years, the performance is more prominent and obvious response to this change , security vendor in product design and more attention in function customization. Admittedly customization has its obvious advantages, such as achieving a diversification of products to meet the diverse needs of customers in appearance, function , etc., to bring more added value and increase competitiveness . To some extent, to expand the company´s profit margins , and enhance the ability of enterprises to cope with special items and a large customer marketing .
        Currently , the product customization has become a powerful competitive weapon . Applications cover a broad user security , how to better understand user needs, providing the application meets the needs of the industry solutions inevitably require long-term project experience and accumulated technology , and product customization will allow security companies stand out.
        Everything pros and cons, customized warehousing also facing pressure on , because customized products can not be sold to another customer , if the budget is not allowed to do , Yahuo too much pressure on foreign capital flows in addition to storage pressure will is relatively large. So for focusing on customized production enterprises, must further strengthen communication with customers, to achieve a more accurate budget. Also companies can introduce the concept of high-end custom , products and services combined , and the ability to raise the standard of customized service , the customer needs into customized to provide customers with a higher level of specialized solutions to meet customers´ high demand for the purpose of creating greater value for our customers.

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