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  • Background of cloud storage appears

        1 . Massive high-definition video data storage needs
        Development of security monitoring technology becomes too experienced three stages : analog , digital , networked . The monitoring data to match the storage has gone through three stages : VCR analog storage , DVR digital data storage , centralized network storage . In today´s widely used 720P (1280X720) megapixel IP camera for example, the high-definition video data compressed to about 3GB per hour capacity, high-definition video surveillance is an inevitable trend , or the higher the proportion of future construction , use of a higher resolution 1080P (1920X1080) of HD IP camera, the amount of data stored will be greater. Meanwhile, the massive high-definition video PB level data storage needs , network storage architecture has been a bottleneck in the expansion of capacity and performance , which are bound to promote cloud storage technology in the field of video surveillance .
        2 . Smart City prepare applications between resource information sharing needs
        In cloud computing, networking , next-generation mobile communications, high-end software and other emerging strategic industries as the main construction of smart city has become a national and local "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the main direction . Smart City comes to smart security, intelligent transportation, smart buildings, smart urban management, emergency wisdom , wisdom, health care and many other areas , relying on information sharing of resources , the formation of vast amounts of information and intelligence -based filtering of new urban form .
        Smart city applications in various fields , and for many years the problems encountered in all areas is not fully shared resource information . Guangzhou Railway Station in 2008 hundreds of thousands of people as a result of the Southern snowstorm stranded and other major events , then policymakers need to understand a lot of real-time video information , while the number of video calls via analog matrix switching is extremely limited. Currently, the city of peace , digital urban management, safety, food and drug supervision , safe campus construction and other fields have a lot of video surveillance, and share video resources in the true sense has not done , the use of cloud storage mode , all of the the video will be stored in the cloud, all users can access cloud storage service provided by the authority , which will bring great convenient information sharing .

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