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  • Infrared light technology analysis and quality recognition

        With the rapid development of infrared night vision systems , infrared lamp factory production and supply will increase, but the red light products are not as easy as some people imagine, in terms of technology, testing equipment and other conditions are also different. When used, the user should not be allowed to raise the supply voltage , because the infrared light in the design, taking into account both its full irradiance , but also taking into account its security and reliability .
        Three kinds of infrared light Technical Analysis
        One , LED infrared light
        LED luminous infrared light from the infrared light emitting diode matrix components. Infrared emitting diode infrared radiation from high efficiency material PN junction forward bias applied to the PN junction current injection excitation infrared light. Produced using the technology of IR IP camera, known for a low production cost , and low technical threshold , currently most of the manufacturers have chosen security .
        The use of such technology manufacturers and users are aware of infrared radiation from the LED lights , after prolonged use of heat, infrared lamp life , uneven screen brightness and other surveillance has been plagued everyone´s problem . Meanwhile, the application of the infrared technology also has some limitations , the technology mainly indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring short distance based, such as some interior passageways, corridors , rooms , warehouses , etc., like outdoor short distance corridors , hallways, junctions , entrances and other , more suitable for monitoring smaller , shorter area, LED infrared light performance results in these areas enables the user to accept , to some extent you can also replace the ultra- low-light cameras, nighttime surveillance.
        Although many of the infrared LED manufacturers improved in terms of radiation from a single LED life and has greatly improved , but still far from meeting the needs of current monitoring , the final could not escape the fate of being eliminated .
        Second, the array of infrared light
        Infrared LED array technology based on the original infrared LED technology, using advanced packaging technology, dozens of high-power , high-efficiency infrared crystal original package on a plane . Appeared array infrared LED lights to make up for deficiencies , improves LED life is short, short-range infrared night vision , infrared effect is not ideal situation. Especially in some tens of meters to hundreds of meters , ranging from short distance , wide area surveillance night surveillance sites, such as peace monitors city roads , factories , residential, prison walls , an open square , stadiums monitoring, etc. .
        Using the infrared technology, the irradiation distance and brightness uniformity than the LED screen has improved. In the irradiation distance , the optical output of an array of infrared light up to about 2W, the equivalent of two hundred traditional LED brightness emitted truly reach hundreds of meters can be achieved outside the actual irradiation distance ; uniformity in brightness of the picture processing due array of infrared light emitters original half-power angle of about 150 °, can be changed by optical means different angles , light angle can be very flexible , making uniform illumination beam irradiation on the target , the entire screen brightness uniformity .
        In addition, an array of infrared light in life is also a great improvement , integrated array of infrared light using metal, heat , easy to maintain low temperature operation. Although the technology market is gradually being promoted , but because of the higher cost reasons, to some extent, affected the pace of the types of products to promote , with a significant decline in production costs over the next one to two years the technology will gradually be somewhat popular.
        Third, the laser infrared light
        IR laser light is a semiconductor laser, a semiconductor material using holes and electrons recombine in the process , and reduce the electron energy level of the electrons release energy generated , and the propagation direction of the photons in the photon resonance specification form a laser . Good directional laser , the beam angle showed a small , energy concentration, spread to the far distance there is still enough light intensity , it is very suitable for long distance illumination.
        Conventional products irradiation distance 100-500 meters , the farthest up to 3000 meters. Want reality remote monitoring needs to adopt new technologies that infrared laser night vision technology , such as Omo environmental monitoring , forest fire , scenic monitoring , port monitoring, surveillance and other fields , the main characteristics of these regions long distance monitoring generally up to several hundred meters or even 1-2 km range, a large range of surveillance , the risk factor is high , and the introduction of laser infrared light technology , can solve these problems in the remote monitoring of the night , to achieve long-range illumination , to achieve the purpose of monitoring . Health and plant processes like laser infrared light infrared LED lights , like its production process requires very high . Meanwhile infrared laser light production requires huge capital investment , but also manufacturers generally can not be completed . Infrared laser technology to produce needs to be improved , the need to reduce production of finished products , as the market advance , laser infrared light products around in the next three to five years will be as popular as LED infrared light . Eventually become mainstream infrared night vision products.
        Infrared light quality recognition
        A positive distinction between core and casual core
        Selection of core wicks are still scattered core determines the quality of the infrared light , the price between the two is very poor, even more than five times difference , which is the market price sanliujiudeng infrared light is an important reason . Camera on the most sensitive in the light emission spectrum 850 nm , ie red burst of infrared tube , this band infrared lamp is also the most expensive . The infrared lamp light board removed, find an adjustable power supply. In low light conditions , the first power supply output voltage to the rated working voltage of infrared light , infrared light is connected , then the infrared light is working properly , and then gradually reduce the voltage to the lamp goes out, look lamp luminous degree is consistent, if in the process lamp light lamp board all the same, then the tube is being used in the core ; If some lights and some slightly brighter lights darker , then cast doubt on the quality of the wick . There is also a method for measurement. Measuring voltage of each lamp in the case of infrared light work properly . Currently LED infrared lights on the market with the most low-power lamps , chips mostly 12MIL or 14MIL [1 mil (mil) = 0.0254(mm)], each lamp is about the normal operating voltage 1.5V .
        With a digital multimeter , playing to 2V range switch gear , measuring each lamp operating voltage , if the error values ​​are the core tube , each lamp operating voltage of less than 0.03V, if greater than this value, especially compared to general when it shows a large group of lamps is definitely not positive core . This method of 940 nm infrared light equally applicable.
        Advantages are the core of the lamp is stable, the new time as new , as old as the old time , look after the work lamp light board in 2035 , they are also very consistent luminous . If illumination is too low , the operating current can be adjusted to restore youth. Bulk core tube is not the same , after six months of work and some lights and some light panel lights dim, the fault is not less than one year lucky it. Even worse is to replace the pipe , not long after the fault is still out , because the overall poor quality .
        Second, the chip size of the wick to distinguish
        The normal method is to measure the size of a chemical solvent to dissolve the wick of the colloid . But for most people, even if you can not measure the dissolved colloidal also accurate data because we do not have a precise measurement tool [ 1 mil (mil) = 0.0254毫米(mm)]. Usually look at the operating current. Generally 12MIL maximum operating current of the lamp is not more than 60 mA , 14MIL no more than 70 mA . But now because of the market , among other factors , some one machine 12MIL lamp operating current of 80 mA done . This method has uncertain. However, we can provide a reference , is the work of the current large chip may be big, but current life on the big short . For example 12MIL lamp operating current of 80 mA done , then it´s the life that is up to 2 years. You know , more than you can prepare some light board on hand , anyway, to change a light board to earn money once , sales and engineering have earned everyone happy.
        Third, look at the process
        Look at technology like watching a person, if a person wearing Lalilata , his work is difficult information seriously . The quality of the process described to some extent on the quality of the products , particularly the welding process . Tube welding time requirement of less than 1.5 seconds , the welding time is too long will directly affect the life of the lamp . This is something we have been identified during the test .
        Four other aspects
        From the stability of the operating voltage to see infrared light .
        Carefully observe the light board we find a number of lamps in series with the lamp board as a group, and then again in parallel which several groups , which constitute the entire light board line . If there is a lamp in each tube problems, then this set of lights will not light . Currently on the market most of the light board operating voltage is 12V, some are 24V. 12V lamps mostly 6-7 is a series of lamps , as compared to a 14 or 24V for 15 in series . There is also a lamp failure, high voltage lamp does not work is much larger than the number of low voltage lights. That low voltage lamp stability is higher.
        Quality infrared lamps mainly depends on two aspects , in addition to the infrared diode LED power supply is just outside it. The vast majority of infrared lights mounted high, if there are problems Contractors trouble first pick , and then works to find sellers , sellers find manufacturers ; vendor´s profits have been low , and then accept the goods shipped back and forth , to this last one is not necessarily profitable lamp may also lose money. So the quality of the power supply is essential !
        Fifth, on the array of infrared light
        Array of infrared light is actually the focus of several infrared LED chips on a substrate , its internal circuit and infrared light as a normal LED . Optional array of infrared light must pay attention to the cooling measures . Good quality array of infrared light in the back has a thick heat sink, but also coated with thermal grease between the array substrate and the heat sink to facilitate heat dissipation.
        Array of infrared light has the advantages of small size and light weight , but it also has its drawbacks, the interior is taken for the same after the first series parallel lines , if there is a chip damage will lead to a set of lights not working , but can not replace the damaged chips.
        If more than a few corrupt group , then it had to replace the entire board , and maintenance costs are relatively high.
        VI. Regarding power infrared light
        High-power infrared light ( Piranha package ) the most attention is the heat, light board with aluminum substrate and connected with the case by screws through the heat dissipation . In addition more than the built-in fan, light board increased by forced air heat exchange housing. If you are using a common circuit board, can be concluded that the quality of the light board is certainly not high, but certainly not a long life .
        VII. Life on infrared light
        Manufacturers generally nominal infrared lamp life of 25,000 hours. Actual life and the light of the production process , circuit design, power quality and working environment, etc. have a relationship.

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