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  • Video Server role in the monitoring and its development

        Video server , is derived from the traditional analog surveillance among them, and put before the local monitoring network monitoring system extended to make the whole system more flexible, with openness, stability, compatibility and so on. With the popularity of the Internet and enhance the network environment , the network has been the rapid development of video surveillance , monitoring of network security has become the development trend of the industry, in terms of the network video surveillance , video server is an important part of the whole decency , analog video network transmission provides the core hardware.
        Role in monitoring the video server
        From the core functionality of the video server can be divided into video encoder and video decoder two categories. Video Encoder network video surveillance system at the front , while the video decoder is located in the user access client (or back) .
        Video encoder used to implement front-end signal ( video, audio and other signals ) digital compression and network specific features include analog video and audio monitoring point information and alarm information access, encoding / compression, transmission , and peripheral devices ( such as cameras, PTZ control , matrix , etc.) . The above information processing after uploading the video encoder to the center via ip network management platform , and then distributed by the central management platform to the client , video decoder and video storage devices.
        The video encoder and the biggest difference is that IP camera , video encoder video source from analog cameras , analog cameras need to be used in conjunction with , and security IP camera is integrated , itself integrated analog video capture capabilities. From the current situation, although web IP camera are in large numbers, but because of two reasons , the video encoder will occupy an irreplaceable position in the network video surveillance system : First, a lot has been built analog and digital monitoring system urgent network transformation, in order to protect investments in existing analog cameras , which will generate a huge transformation video encoder deployment requirements ; Second choice is the IP camera face far no major analog cameras , it is difficult to meet different user differentiated applications demand , so a lot of front-end applications must implement network -based digital video camera plus video encoder simulation model .
        Video decoder is used under the control of the client pc platform forwarded over the network to receive video surveillance stream decoding output analog signals to the TV wall , audio and other peripherals, usually deployed in the user´s control center . Different video decoder with pc client that is generally based on a hardware video decoder decodes , through a dedicated display device to display the monitoring image, the client directly pc pc monitor display image . Because there is more control pc client management functions, and access to flexible operation, so the client pc -based applications to monitor browsing more and more common . However, due to hardware-based video decoder , stable performance, good image quality, and therefore need to focus on decoding for many applications on the wall still has a very general sense .
        Video still hinder the development of the server industry
        Under the security industry is excellent prospects, industry professionals should clearly recognize the video server vendors hinder the further development of some constraints , which are mainly the following points.
        1, the current video server compatibility on the market is poor, the manufacturers in order to protect their own interests , technically take restrictive means difficult to use different brands of devices simultaneously in a system , such an approach in the long run , is to limit the competitiveness of its own branded products.
        2 , terminal manufacturers to develop software , different functions , using different methods , the lack of professional training for customers , often enabling users scratching their heads, while non-standard software interface makes the brand device compatibility is almost zero , and even some manufacturers do not provide even the sdk package does not support secondary development. Such barriers made ​​in the software , so that the actual project cost a lot of manpower and resources, harm the interests of customers.
        3, due to the current market a lot of OEM products and illegal counterfeit products , so that customers keep track of. Hardware devices can mimic the software can also copy . The original manufacturers to prevent illegal copies of software , often set traps in the software , the user selects the video server is also equivalent to choose a product can not be used to buy back , took a huge risk.
        4, the video server product relative to other video surveillance products , high integration, composition complexity, high cost of hardware , often only repaired the event of a failure, high service costs , and often can not get the response speed of customer satisfaction . Be sure to manufacturers in an effort to improve the video server technology , while improving technical support to upgrade existing products and related services to allow the end user satisfaction as the highest principle , this is a product, a fundamental way to survival and development of enterprises .
        Network video server surveillance system will be the future core
        With video server applications in a wide range of security monitoring , video surveillance needs more places to promote technological upgrading of security equipment . In this paper, the intelligent detection and multi-tasking capabilities , two major development direction of the video server , expand the analysis . Intelligent detection and multi-tasking capabilities enable video server beyond mere role of bridge between old technology and new technology of . Industry experts predict that network video server will become the core of future digital surveillance system .
        Video server will become multifunction device that provides image capture and monitoring in addition to almost all of the functions required . While some suppliers to the video server merely as a transitional device , but with the transition to digital surveillance systems , market analyst for this product line made ​​good growth forecasts. According to market research firm gartner said that the global video server sales have been to 23% annual growth rate .
        Remote ip video surveillance market is expected to flourish in the near future . Therefore , it is agreed that the video server market will grow strongly in the coming years . Since many users choose to retain their practical analog surveillance systems, the importance of video servers becomes greater. Video server to publish video on the web, especially the video signal can be released on a LAN , WAN and the Internet. Video server digitizes analog signals and digital signals released on the network, allowing users to use a web browser to view digital signals transmitted over the Internet .
        Hong Kong and Taiwan manufacturers believe that the video server market will soon ip video surveillance industry with prosperity and growth . Despite this promising forecast , industry experts insist that video servers should support more features in order to maintain its relevance. Intelligent motion detection , multi-tasking capabilities and improved compatibility is a new feature in Taiwan and Hong Kong manufacturers are exploring . Addition to serving as a bridge between old and new technologies outside , they have to make a video server has more features.

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